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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Planet You!

Journaling can be such a huge part of the healing process if you can allow it to be. There is something about getting your feelings out in writing, making goals in writing, and telling your story....even if you are the only one that ever sees it. These are huge memories for you as a birth mom and huge life changing events that will take place even years later...you should document those things...to be able to read back and see where you have come can be so powerful...especially when you are going through a rough time and think that you are down and out...you can read where you were and realize how much better you are handling life!!

I have a dear friend that has created a brand new JOURNALING course called PLANET YOU. This is a course designed to help you get back to or get started on your journaling! It is NOT an art course so ANY ONE can feel comfortable taking this course....and the great bonus!!!!!....IF you register NOW it is ONLY $10.00.

You can catch a preview of the course HERE

Register HERE

Come join me on a new journaling journey....I encourage you to start your writing...your feelings, your hopes and dreams, your story, your future....everything!!! Things seem to stick more when you write them down!!

LOve you all!!

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  1. Oh Ashley... Thanks so much for this post... I'm super excited about Planet You and can't wait to get started. I believe in the power of words.
    The Planet You


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