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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shared Thoughts on Strength

As you know, BIB has teamed up with BlissBombed to provide life coaching for our birthmoms with one of the MOST INCREDIBLE WOMEN that you will ever, ever meet! I have SO much to share with you on the lifecoaching that I have been getting from Stephanie but for now I wanted to share a powerful post that she wrote:

"Having recently gone through a bit of a dark period, I thought I might share some musings on strength. Much of what I learned this time around was shown to me by the love of those who loved me through, and in the contrast of my usual buoyancy.

Contrast. Black versus white. Empty versus full. Despair versus hope. Contrast. One learns a lot about what is, by living in the shadow of what’s not.

We each have a different approach against hopeless odds….and finding our inner strength.

Some of us are able to perserve against hopeless odds. Some are able to see light in a world of darkness. Some are able to give selflessly with no thought of return, while others are able to bring a sense of important measure into the hearts of those around them.

But no matter how we exhibit strength, its truest measure is the calm and certain conviction with which it causes us to act. It is the ability to discern the path with heart and follow it even when at the moment we might wish to be doing something else.

True strength is not about force, but about conviction. It lives at the center of belief where fear and uncertainty can not gain a foothold. Its opposite is not cowardice and fear but confusion, lack of clarity, and lack of sound intention.

True strength does not require an adversary and does not see itself as noble or heroic. It simply does what it must without praise or need of recognition.

A person who can quietly stay at home and care for an aging parent is as strong as a person who can scale a vertical drop mountain. A person who can stand up for a principle is as strong as a person who can fend off an army. They simply have a quieter, less dramatic kind of strength.

True strength does not magnify others’ weaknesses. It makes others stronger. If someone’s strength makes others feel weaker, it is merely domination, and that is not strength at all.

Take care to find your own strength. Nurture it. Develop it. Share it with those around you. Let it become a light for those who are living in darkness.

Remember, strength based in force is a strength people fear. Strength based in love is a strength people crave.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. To be the benefactor of both virtues makes living in the contrast, I have found, a worthy endeavor. "

This does not even BEGIN to cover the amazing work that can be done...we are so excited to share some of the workshops that she will be providing at our Big Tough Girl retreats...but for those of you that wont be able to attend...she has lots to offer! Stay tuned for my lifecoaching experiences....until then.....

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  1. I am so overwhelmingly proud to be part of the BIB team. As an adoptee, it brings me even deeper gratification to know that I can help encourage, lift up, and put my arms around you birth moms. You are each angels! No matter what life's circumstances, mistakes, or sorrow you are each bearing, know that you are LOVED BEYOND MEASURE. I have made a thousand mistakes, and at this point in my life, I can only say they have made my torch of compassion burn brighter. We are in this together. With our arms around each other, let's create lives of joy, strength, hope, and passion! Hugs and kisses to each of you!

    With so much love,


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