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Adoptive Hopefuls!

Michael and Michelle

I love this couple so much!  I had the chance to take part in their adoption video that you can view HERE.

They have been an incredible support of BIB and we love them so much...nothing would make me happier than to see Michelle with a sweet new baby!

Justin and Vanessa
This amazing couple holds a special place in our hearts because Tanner's mom is a BIB Big Tough Girl and we love her so much! 

David and Jenna

An amazing family in Nebraska!  They are very down to earth and connected!  I loved their piece they wrote to a potential birth mom...7 simple promises!  It was so refreshing!..

Trent and Adela

This is an amazing couple that is hoping to adopt!  We love them so much and pray that they find a happy ending to this journey they are one!

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