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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As some of you know I LOVE Tom Aplomb and his writings...he is a beautiful writer and touches my soul! I was reading through his posts today and came across an incredible blog about OUR ATMOSPHERE....I wanted to share some of that with you today! (I know he wont mind)

"In the case of the air around the earth, atmosphere is something we encounter, and in the case of the romantic restaurant, something we choose.

The most important atmosphere, however, is the one we create, the atmosphere that surrounds us and has a profound influence on the people - partner, family, friends, colleagues - who inhabit or pass in and out of our sphere.

We can either create an atmosphere that deadens, depresses, and drags down, or one that activates, inspires, and arouses.

If we give in to negativity, carry our burdens resentfully, walk through life with a chip on our shoulder, feel forsaken, and consider the universe a hostile place, if we pollute and poison our atmosphere with the toxins of unhealed hurts and unbroken patterns from the past and lace it with behaviors that serve no purpose other than to soothe our own unaddressed distress, if we allow ourselves to become a volatile mix of the explosive gases of unmanaged emotions instead of a calm pocket of breathable air, we will start to suffocate even those who love us most and eventually find that no one wants to be around us.

If we maintain a positive attitude, shoulder our burdens gracefully, harness the power of faith and feel confident in the love from above, if we enrich our atmosphere with feelings of wholeness and sufficiency and the healing tonic of compassion, consciously choose what works and consistently consider how our behavior affects others, if we compose our essential elements into a stable and supportive compound, and if we draw - and share - from the divine breath that gave life to our soul, we will become an endless source of fresh air and soon find that everyone wants in.

Take a deep breath this morning, hold the air in your nose and mouth, and analyze your atmosphere, the one you are creating.

Now try to hold on to the healthy, sustaining molecules and exhale the crap.

We don't all live in individual bubbles. Our atmospheres overlap. So if we want people to be close to us and stay close to us, we need to create an atmosphere that provides not only sustenance and comfort, but also inspiration. "

This is such incredible and powerful stuff guys! We DO NOT live in our own little bubble...it is NOT just about us. I know that as birth moms we sometimes experience such great pain that it is easy to get offended and we feel like we deserve more attention than we really do....WHAT KIND OF AIR are you putting OUT THERE? We need people...we need to have loved ones around us...if we end up alone chances are that our negative atmosphere is overlapping into another...

The world does not revolve around us and we breathe each others air..come into spaces that are not our own...be respectful, be grateful and be positive! You never want to be the cause of polluting someone's air!!! It is not our right!

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  1. I love this post....I really like the line "shoulder our burdens gracefully". Reminds me that no matter what we encounter, we can choose to rise up through it.


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