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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being a Parent

It was Father's Day this past weekend and it was very special for me. My son will be two this year and I'm a very proud dad. I also spent a lot of time thinking about my dad this past weekend and all of the wonderful love and support that he has shown me throughout my entire life. Not only did he teach me correct principles in life, and live up to those himself, he was and still is one of my best friends. We do just about everything together! When I look at my son, I can't help but to hope and wish that we have the same type of connection and relationship that I do with my father. I know that if I work on being a positive role model and respect him with the same amount of respect that I expect from him, then we will develop a deep love for each other.
There are many thoughts and feelings of insecurity that travel in and out of my mind in regards to being a parent, how to be a good dad, how to teach and discipline my son, and to be the kind of parent that he thinks I am or wants me to be. It's easy to get caught up in those thoughts and stress about the future, rather than just live in the moment that is happening now, love him now, teach him now, discipline him now and allow the love between us to grow RIGHT NOW.

I would suggest to ALL OF US, that we take the beautiful moments we have in life and really live in those moments and be proud of the work we are doing and cherish them as they will pass by so quickly.

This post was done by Todd Mitchell

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