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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mesa Event

When Ashley invited me to the BIB event in Mesa I was so excited to attend. That was until we decided to go on a road trip with our kids to see family. We spent a busy week trying to see everyone and do all the things we had planned. We headed home on Monday and my boys were not very excited about the 12 hour trip. We arrived home late Monday night. I had a week’s worth of laundry, unpacking, and figuring my kid’s schedule for the week. The thought of getting in a car and driving the four hour round trip to Phoenix didn’t sound very exciting. It was so worth it.
Arriving at the event was so rewarding. You girls are so amazing. I loved the theme “Living the life you dream”. We all have the opportunity to live the life we dream. We just need to live our dream. At this moment in time I’m living the life I dream. Not sure how long this will last but for now it’s really great. I loved the things Todd had to say. I love the song from Katy Perry and the lyrics. You can make the decision to be invisible or light up the sky like a firework. It only depends on you.
One of the things I loved was watching the love and support you have for each other. It was so fun talking to you, getting to know you, learning your story and seeing where you’re at in your life. I also loved setting a goal with April (I can’t wait until July 2012). I love all of you wonderful birth moms. You have given so much of yourself. Remember you can LIVE THE LIFE YOU DREAM.

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