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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wake Up Running

I have a thought that has been taped to my computer for over 6 years now. When ever I rearrange my office or move to a different place it is always tucked safely away until I can place it back on my computer screen. It is even on the very same paper that it was given to me on. When I was working for Melody Ross at Chatterbox we used to have staff meetings. We just to get together and share things that were going on in our lives, share things about the business, make goals and promises to our teammates and then Mel would share some inspiration with us. This was my favorite thing that she gave us...and I have kept it all this time. It has brought inspiration to me over the years and brings back great memories to me about that time when I was being influenced by such an incredible person....even when I didn't give back to them what they deserved...she was always there to lift me up.

"In Africa a gazelle wakes up knowing if it does not run faster than the fastest lion it will be eaten. A lion wakes up knowing if it does not run faster than the slowest gazelle it will starve. It does not matter if you are a gazelle or a lion, when you wake up, you better be running."

MAN!!!....I LOVE that saying...it paints such a clear picture and it has meant so much to me. Sometimes I have felt like the lion and sometimes I have felt like the gazelle but I have always tried to hit the ground running when I started my day...especially these days! If you think about that saying and think about the battle....sometimes it would be so much easier to GIVE IN...to just let the lion eat you or to just starve to death...you are tired from the hunt and from running...I know that we all have days that it would just be easier to lay down and give-up!!! THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO GO OUT!!!.....We want to go out with a fight, a fight for our life...for our survival!!!

Whether you are the lion or gazelle.....WAKE UP RUNNING....your job for each day is survival..to live your life the way that you have designed to live it...to survive every day. There are people that love you and need you, you owe it to yourself to fight and to survive to live another day. Don't just lay down and let the lion eat you...don't just give in and starve....ATTACK LIFE!!!

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