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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Start Spreadin the NEWS!

Hi everyone,
I feel like I have been MIA on the blogging lately so I wanted to share some love and let you know what has been going on with BIB. First of all I hope that you all had a beautiful Valentine's Day with your loved ones! This is my favorite month of the year of course with it being Birthday Season at my house and LOVE day! I have been thinking about my life and the many incredible blessings that are before me. I would feel so ungrateful if I didn't take this opportunity to thank my incredible husband for all his love and support. He works so hard every single day to provide for our family and works extra for me to live the dream of Blessings in a Basket. He loves all of you so much and thinks that you are all so brave and incredible! I want to thank all of my family...those that sit on my board with me, those that contribute time, money and product to BIB...they are so amazing. I am so blessed to have incredible friends around me that support me and motivate me to keep doing what I am doing. I am so blessed to have my faith in God and all that he has done for me. He has tested me, he has forgiven me, he has blessed me and has put this amazing path before me. I am so grateful to ALL the incredible people that support Blessings in a Basket...from the adoption agencies, the adoptive families, the incredible Birth Moms and those who believe in me and the cause.
I am so excited about all the amazing stuff that is happening for BIB...and that means AMAZING stuff for our Birth Moms and all those that support them. I want to share EVERYTHING with you but I have been told that I can only share a little bit!!!!
Just a reminder that all of you that are going to be in the MESA area on April 27th come and join us for our Big Tough Girl support night with the amazing birth moms at LDSFS...

The official BIB Website is almost finished and we are so excited about all the GREAT stuff that is going to be offered. You will be able to see all of our upcoming events, all of our amazing basket donations and all the birth moms will be able to share their stories and join our community. You will be able to login and chat with Birth Moms all over the country!!! It is going to be amazing and we are so excited to help connect you all and allow you to share your amazing stories!

We are announcing some HUGE events as well...

July 30, 2011
I know that many of you are working so hard on losing your baby weight..wanting to get back to your skinny self. BIB is hosting our 1st Annual Big Tough Girl 5K race and Fun Run. It will be an exciting experience for the whole family...we hope that all of you will committ to training and get excited about coming and joining Birth Moms from all over for our race/walk...it is going to be awesome!!!

April 2012
We are going to be having our FIRST BIG TOUGH GIRL RETREAT!!! You are NOT going to want to miss this!! there is limited spots available so stay tuned....that is all I can give you for now!! ;) Just trust me....you don't want to miss it!!!!
Ok, that is all that I can give you for now!!!! I hope you are all excited......
Please help us out and spread the word. Hope all of your friends and family will join us for our 5K along with following us on Facebook and our website!!!
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Stay tuned for more details!

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