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Monday, January 17, 2011

WEEK TWO: What is your Challenge?

Week Two is here. What are you challenging yourself to this week? What is hanging over you that is keeping you from moving forward? What is stressing you out or overwhelming you? What will you tackle this week?

My Challenge:
Because of the connection that I made last week and the realization that I had about friendships and what they can bring to your life I am going to pick 5 people that I have not connected with, or have lost contact with and send them a personal note in the mail...REAL MAIL not a facebook post or a blog comment...sit down, write a personal letter, stamp it and mail it. I LOVE getting mail, it makes me very happy so I hope to bring some happiness to someone that is dear to me.....be checking your mailboxes....it could be for you!!!

Also, I bought a new book and I am going to go to bed and read my book every night instead of falling to sleep with the TV on...

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