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Sunday, January 30, 2011


To all the women of 2011 -

As a personal fitness trainer I see many crazy attempts to change the way one might look, feel, or see themselves...ESPECIALLY this time of year. You've all been there, right? The holiday sugar cookies, grandma's fudge and lots of popcorn and hot chocolate. Not to mention the Thanksgiving weekend of stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice cream! We all tend to "cheat" our bodies during the holidays and then do a 180 on January 1st and think that we'll make up 6 weeks worth of crap! Unfortunately it just doesn't work that way - which leads me to my topic of discussion: COMMITMENT!

Commitmet is a universal term used for many specific things. We're committed to our jobs. We commit to a relationship. We commit to living a certain religion. Every day we make commitments, some small and some large. As we move forward with 2011 I would suggest you each write a few commitments you'd like to make towards your body. This is the time to be selfish in your thoughts. What would you like to see, how would you like to feel, what changes would you like to make, what programs would you like to incorporate in your life? What race would you like to run this year? What weight would you like to be, how strong do you want to get? There are so many ways to commit to our bodies! I know that so many of you work on the mental and emotional aspects of your lives. Dealing with the sacrifice and the decisions you've made can be overwhelming at times. But it's time now to re-focus on your body! Take advantage of the new year and enjoy all the blessings in your life. Commit to a NEW YOU!! I make very few promises, but I guarantee if you commit to a healthier lifestyle, you will accomplish many great goals as it relates to your bodies! Get them back in shape, feel sexy again, be healthy not only mentally and spiritually, but physically as well! It's up to you to commit and make the difference in your own lives - and only then can you pass it along to others!

And please, don't ever hesitate to ask any questions! I am at your disposal!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

This post was done by Todd Mitchell

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