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Friday, November 19, 2010

Start your day with " I am grateful for..."

How many of you wake up with a million thoughts running through your head? Maybe you never had the chance to shut them down during the night...and you are up still thinking about them...I know that I am the worst at doing that...as you all know I am the worst insomniac ever! I can never sleep...I can be so tired, barely standing then as soon as we lay down I am up Up UP!!! My brain doesn't shut off. The sleeping doesn't concern me as much as the thoughts that are going through my head...

Are they THANKFUL thoughts of GRATITUDE or are they SELFISH thoughts of STRESS AND ANGER??

In an adult seminary class this week the teacher was talking about gratitude and a study that was performed. There were three separate groups and they were given different challenges.

Group 1:
The first 3 thoughts when they got up in the morning had to be on WHATEVER random thoughts came to them...good, bad and the ugly

Group 2:
The first 3 thoughts when they got up in the morning had to be on NEGATIVE stress, anger and frustrations that they were having in their life!

Group 3:
The first 3 thoughts when they got up in the morning had to be THANKFUL thoughts of GRATITUDE...what makes them happy, what they are so blessed with.

At the end of the month Group 1 stayed pretty much in the same spot..no progress, Group 2 dropped 35% in their health, productivity and their over all "likeness" as a person, and GROUP 3 rose 35%...they became more aware and healthy in that short month, they were 35% more productive that month, they were more LIKED in general by everyone around them.

That is incredible to me...just by thinking 3 thoughts of gratitude. That just once again confirms the very strong connection between mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects in your life...if one side of the square is removed...it will collapse.

SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU....I know you have all heard of a gratitude journal! BIB is starting gratitude wall!...CLick HERE...

We will post three positive things that we are grateful for and that we are blessed with...EVERY DAY!!!!

IF YOU HAVE something that you are GRATEFUL for and want to include them on our wall please, please, please COMMENT or email them to blessingsinabasket@hotmail.com....

YOU CAN SEND THEM ANY WAY THAT YOU want...if you want to do a short 10-15 second video showing what you are grateful for that is perfect...you can send a picture of something that you are grateful for, or you can just write us!!!

We are so blessed every day and it is the little things around us that inspire us and keep us going every single day!!!

So start your day with some Gratitude...your soul will thank you!!!!

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