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Friday, November 12, 2010

Soul Restoration!

As many of you know, Melody Ross is one of my GREAT INSPIRATIONS! She is one of the most incredible people that I have ever known and she has committed her life, like myself, to help women be BIG TOUGH GIRLS......or as Mel and her group calls them BRAVE GIRLS! I have just registered for her online 6 week Soul Restoration classes....I strongly encourage you to take the time and look over their stuff....They really are incredible!!!! If you have $100.00, please sign up for these classes! They will be worth EVERY penny that you pay....I promise you!!!

I am planning to take a LUCKY birth mom with me to BRAVE GIRLS CAMP so be watching for that....we will be having a contest and the winner will be my guest....MORE DETAILS to COME!!!

I get a lot of my inspiration for what I write from her....she truly is incredible and my life is blessed because I know her and can call her a friend! We Love you MEL!!!!

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