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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Make A Choice

I have been thinking so much lately about my babies that I have had, my son that I placed 4 years ago and my beautiful baby girl that has a wonderful home with my husband and I now. I have been diagnosed with Stage 2 Cervical Cancer and there is a very definite chance that there are no more natural born children in my future. The whole things seems so ironic to me. I have wanted kids forever, got pregnant and placed for adoption, had my angel and now I could be finished. It is so crazy to me how life works out. So many women have been a
sking me if I regret my decision to place my son knowing the outcome of my abilities to have children at this stage.
I must say that this has been a hard question to comment on. I love my son very much and I miss him every day but I was standing at a door and I had a choice to make, I made it and moved on. I know that for my situation I made the correct decision, but the bottom line is that I MADE the decision. I am working with a few young women right now that have found themselves pregnant and don't know what to do....let me tell you ladies, you will have so many times in your life that you are going to be standing in front of a few doors....make a decision and walk through...PLEASE don't just stand there. It is easier to deal with the consequences, good or bad, then to just stand there staring at the door knob. Life is about choices and about change.

I pray for you always, all of you brave women that have picked a door and walked through. I am in awe of all of you, your courage is always motivating.

For those that are finding themselves at that door....fear is normal, it is part of this life, but don't let it stop you from moving forward, from accepting change, from living with the consequences of our actions...don't just stand there, we have things to do!

Remember, we are big tough girls!


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