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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's all about the climb

I had some new family pictures taken over the weekend by a dear friend of mine, http://thehorsleycrew.blogspot.com. I was so excited to have our first official family photos taken. My husband and I have not had pictures done EVER so with Tyler Ann being 7 months old, we figured it was time. She asked me if I wanted some of just me and at first I was really hesitant because I am so self conscious. As we were doing the shoot I looked over at an old tool shed and saw a rusty old ladder hanging on the side. I told her that I did want a few pictures taken. I wanted a picture to really portray where I am in my life and here is what she saw through the lens:

You always have to start at the bottom, some of us even have to dig up through the ground before we get to the bottom but no matter where you start, you have to go up. The ladder had such an impact on me because of the climb that I make every single day. I am sure that you have all heard the Miley Cyrus song "The Climb" (and yes I am a thirty year old woman who rocks out to Miley/Hannah). But that song just soars in my heart. It totally sums up our personal climb and struggle every single day. I climb to fight cancer, I climb to stay committed to family and friends, I climb to stay responsible financially, I climb to stay focused on you all, I climb to love my daughter, I climb to be a better role model for my daughter, I climb to accept my choices, I climb to stay a strong birth mom. No matter how big or small, I CLIMB EVERY SINGLE DAY....and some days I fall off the ladder and have to start over. What is the saying "one step forward and two steps back?" That is what I do everyday, one step up the ladder, two steps down!

So this is my life, climbing...Climbing...CLIMBING. To be everything that I can be, and it is okay to have to start over. It is okay to take a step down the ladder, it is okay to be afraid of heights and to look down...

keep climbing....you can only go up! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CLIMB!


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