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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Agape Project

"Agape is a Greek word for a particular type of love.  Agape’ love is love that is based upon principle and is, by far, the noblest type of love.  Agape’ love is unselfish and is more than just an emotional response."

Since I have started BIB I have focused on the birth moms, healing, forward movement, soul work and more.  I am surprised at how rarely I get to take the time and do nothing but CELEBRATE Adoption and the amazing lives that are touched by Adoption every single day.  BIB had the incredible opportunity to play a very small part in a HUGE project with an even BIGGER heart behind the scenes. 

You can read all the details about The Agape Project HERE.

I wanted to take some time to share my thoughts on the project as well as share some incredible photos and of course the amazing video that is sweeping the nation and touching hearts across the country! 

Congratulations to Briana Marie Shuman. 
You are heaven sent and watched over by butterflies! 

I am a birth mom.  I placed my son 6 years ago and I never really understood the “adoption triangle” until I really got involved in this crazy ADOPTION COMMUNITY!  It truly has changed my life!  I come across people every single day that eat, sleep and breathe adoption….every time we look at a child it feels our heart and soul with answered prayers, every time we meet a birth mom we shed tears of hope and connection, every time we see family we are forever bound by love and support and life changing respect for one another!  It has been the most incredible journey of selfless love, Agape’ love!  I forget sometimes, and I try not to pat myself on the back very often, but I really forget just how amazing being a birth mom is.  What an incredible sacrifice is made, what gift is actually being given…I am honored and PROUD to be a birth mom.  I forget sometimes how amazing the adoptive families are.  What an incredible sacrifice is made, what an incredible fight is fought to receive such an amazing gift.  I forget sometimes how amazing it is that the children that are adopted were given LIFE.  That they have a chance to be a person, that they are loved by TWO amazing sides of this triangle!  Adoption has truly become a part of me and my life.  It inspires me, humbles me, motivates me and touches me in ways that I can never express….sacred feelings of love, support and respect to all three corners of the “adoption triangle”

Briana Marie is part of this triangle.  She is an adoptive mother who had a dream to give back, to give thanks…if that is even possible considering the amazingness that is adoption…but somehow she found a way.  She reached out to so many people and BIB was very lucky to be a part of that family to make her dream a reality!!!  It was a chance to do nothing but celebrate Adoption!!!  I am truly honored to have our name on such an amazing gift to the adoption world…to be able to say thanks and to celebrate the adoptive families, the birth moms and most importantly the AMAZING children that were given a chance at life….that have blessed us all!!! 

There were so many amazing pictures taken of the beautiful and awesome Big Tough Girls and I am so proud of them and their amazing photo shoots that they got to take part in!!! 

 I had the amazing opportunity to sit and talk with the girls.  I got to share a little bit of my story and talked to all of them about the AMAZING Support Groups that BIB hosts every month!!!  I was honored to share thoughts with all of them!! 
This is the video that was put together to showcase the incredible love on all sides of the triangle of adoption.  It is truly incredible!!!  Thank you to Kale Fitch Productions for putting together this fabulous film. 

The biggest reminder to me that I am a part…a small part but still a part of something amazing are things like this project..because what happens is I get to stand and introduce myself, share gifts with the Big Tough Girls that I love so much…I have the Agape Project donate the remaining funds to Blessings in a Basket, I have people I have never met giving me hugs, thanking me, donating cash straight from their pockets, so many thank you cards of love and appreciation.  I don’t know where this organization is heading but I do know that I am supposed to be a part of it.  I have had many prayers answered and I have found my true calling. 

I am honored and PROUD to be a birth mom, I am honored and PROUD to know and support and love many adoptive families and birth moms nationwide, I LOVE Blessings in a Basket and pray that it may continue to grow into the Organization that I dream it can be…..I am HUMBLED and BLESSED to be a part of this incredible project-The Agape Project.  Briana Marie was truly inspired.  I am blessed to be a part of the Adoption Community and have been able to create a new family circle through this incredible journey!  Let us all celebrate Adoption together through Agape LOVE!

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