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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pushing Junk Piles Around!...

Hello all of my beautiful Big Tough Girls, friends and followers!  I am so inspired to sit and write to you today...although I am NOT sure what I am really going to write about!  haha!  I just know that it has been awhile and I wanted to share some thoughts! 

I have been thinking about my life....next stage.....BIG CHANGES....and I have been trying to find a balance, priorities.....good luck right????  I feel think I get to do all these amazing things but I am kind of walking around in a haze right now....sort of in this funk that I can't get out of!  Do you have a place in your house that is the "junk collector" like a desk or a table and when you go to clean it up.....all you really do is SHIFT PILES AROUND??? That is what my life feels like right now....that I am just shifting junk piles from one place to the next!  I am sure you have NO idea what I am talking about!  :) 

I have really taken some time over these past few days to think about my  life....the new stage that I am in....and have tried to put it into perspective.  In GROUP we have been talking about our "word" for 2012 and have been writing mission statements for our lives using that word....I was reading my mission statement and was STARING at my word which is Simplify and realized that it is already the month of April and I haven't done ANYTHING to simplify my life....if anything it has gotten crazier and my "junk piles" that I just keep pushing around are getting bigger and bigger!!!  So....what do I need to do?????

I need to take a look......

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I know that life is full of JUNK PILES!  I know that somedays we have a clear desk and then other days we can't even see our desk!!  I WANT A CLEAN DESK EVERY DAY!!!!  I really need to learn to throw out the junk piles that are getting in the way....that are keeping me from asking the really hard, important questions!  The junk piles are creating so much noise that I can't hear myself think......I can't hear what it is that I really want!!! 

I am coming into a very busy time in my life......and I need to have less junk so that I can do that which is most important to me!!! 

Derek is going to be 6 years old in just a few days!!!!  SIX!!  Six years ago I was in the hospital giving birth to the most amazing and beautiful boy......and placing him in the arms of his mother!....one of the most amazing women that I have ever met...A Big Tough Girl all the way!  I can't even put into words right now how I am feeling about Derek turning six....about how much my life has changed...about how I forget to think about him during the day when I am pushing my junk piles around....about how much I miss him....about how grateful I am that he is where he is....SO many things.....they may have to come in a birthday post in a few days if I can go there emotionally!! 

I am off to throw some junk away!!  I love you all so much...I pray that you are living in a junk free place...that you are able to hear what it is that you really need and want!!! 

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