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Monday, March 5, 2012

Faith, Hope and Charity!

I received the following comment a few days ago...

"Tomorrow is the year anniversary of this post and the day after my birthday, I am just curious of how your life has changed since you wrote this."

This comment was talking about a post that I wrote a year ago titled GIVE IT TO THE LORD.  I was so glad that I received this comment.  I had actually forgotten that I had wrote this and it brought tears to my eyes to read it again.  It was crazy...there are SO many things in that post that are happening right now...AGAIN.  My faith is being challenged so much right now...

My husband and I are going through some very hard things...typical things I think...that everyone goes through but to us they are things that are shaking our world...turning it upside down and causing a lot of prayers and tears..well....more than usual!! 

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." Lena Horne

I used this quote in the post I did a year ago and I cried because it is so true and something that I needed to read right now! 
"It comes down to our attitude and what we are willing to do to make the changes within. The loads that I carry totally stress me out...it is not the items themselves...I love my daughter, my family, my husband, our temporal items etc but all of those things can add stress to my life and I carry them in a way that is damaging to me and those around me....I don't give them to the Lord and let him help to carry my burden..."

I also wrote about my attitude and how I was carrying my burdens...but there was one big difference...I AM GIVING IT TO THE LORD.  I have grown enough over the past year that I know that I have to give my burdens to the Lord...that my challenges and stresses are BIGGER than me and that I need help..that I can NOT do things on my own...big or small!! 

Back to the comment that was posted.  They asked how my life has changed since I wrote that post.  SO many things have changed.  Well, let me rephrase that...my life is very much the same...but the things in my life have grown...  I am still married to the most amazing person, but that relationship has changed...it is better, more connected.  I have gained a great trust in my husband, I have learned to lean on him for many things, I have learned that he IS my best friend and that I can open up to him about anything and everything.  We talk, we love, we laugh, we trust, we pray, we parent, we support and so much more.  I still have the most amazing daughter who just turned two.  I am learning to be a parent to a toddler, we are potty training, and sleeping in a big bed, and we are talking and learning...I am now also the mother to a new baby boy...so we are doing the newborn thing again and that is so challenging ...so we are parenting two children..which is an adjustment and a post for another day!  I am still the Founder of BIB and LOVE every step of it.  The organization has grown and changed..we are adding things and dumping things, we are not making any money but we love it and continue to do what we can to help.  I love to serve...I love this organization..I love that my life has put me in this path! 

I have learned so much about myself over this past year.  I am much stronger, I have gained a greater perspective, learned that things that are hard...always challenges are coming our way...it seems like more often than not...but I am learning to lean on my FAITH and to have great HOPE about what is happening and why it is happening! 

We are not immune to this life and all the things that it involves!  That includes the good and the bad!  We have to learn to have FAITH, HOPE for the best and LEARN TO LOVE THE GOOD...and THE BAD!!!  Come what may......

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