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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Delivering Hope!

I am so honored to be able to be a part of this amazing journey that Jennifer Ann Holt has started.  It is so exciting to see things like this take life....Blessings in a Basket is so proud of Jennifer and we wanted to thank her again for this opportunity!.

*Jennifer is very brave to let me review this book given my reputation for my honesty!  :)


To win, go to the Blessings in a Basket Facebook page, like us if you haven't already, and comment about the book and we will pick and announce the winner on Monday February 13th.  That is MY BIRTHDAY so we are celebrating!!!  YAY!!!!! 

Ok, here we go!

Olivia Spencer wants to be a mom more than anything else in the whole world, but years of infertility have wounded her soul and placed a strain on her marriage to Michael. Now, Olivia finds herself wondering if the life she has built will even survive.

Allison Campbell is a recent high school graduate who discovers that a moment of excitement has led to an unplanned pregnancy and an overwhelming heartache.

As the lives of these two women touch, we see that deep love can pave the way for sacrifice, and we all learn the true source of hope and healing.

Book Review by Ashley Mitchell:
This book is an honest look into both sides of adoption.  I have to say that I thought this book was very well written and touched my heart.  I can promise you that you will not want to read it without tissue by your side.  This was a ONE sitting read for me.  I picked it up and didn't put it down until it was finished.  I loved the story of Olivia.  I always LOVE to learn more about the adoptive side.  It is heartbreaking to hear of the struggles that Olivia goes through and the heartache that her and her husband experience because of their struggles with infertility. 
It is NEVER easy for me as a birth mom to read stories about birth moms, and I have made a whole organization based around listening to birth mothers share their experiences...it doesn't get easier and it doesn't get "less emotional".  So even in this novel I was so torn and had such a hard time reading through some of the parts of this book as you read about Allison and her struggles....not because it wasn't well written but because it hit so close to home.  Having a story so similiar to your own poured out onto pages of a novel is not always easy to read...
There is an incredible message of repentance, finding forgiveness, a great deal of sacrifice and love!  It is incredibly spiritual and touches the soul.  It is not about religion, it is about faith and love and allows you to explore your own beliefs and really discover what you would be capable of. 
ONE of my favorite quotes from this book came from a conversation that Allison, the birth mom was having with Barbara {I don't want to give away to much}
“You’re sure this is what you want to do?” Barbara questioned again.
“No. It’s absolutely not what I want to do,” Ally said, “but yes, I

am sure of my decision.” She squeezed her eyes shut again and tears

leaked out of the corners. “I am going to give my baby a mom and a

dad. I’m going to give her a family.”
This sums up a birth mom.  This sums up my decision and how I felt.  I didn't want to make the decision at all but I was sure of the decision once I made it.  She hit the nail on the head over and over.  This is a great read and I hope you will all pick up a copy and read...read to understand...read to relate...read to remember...read to love! 
REMEMBER to go to the BIB facebook page for a chance to win your own free copy! 
GOOD NEWS-Jennifer is giving away a bunch of goodies as well!  Here are the details on how to enter:
She will be giving away a signed copy of the book to two individuals, and a signed bookmark and Delivering Hope magnet to five individuals. There will be several ways to enter, and all readers can enter using one or all of the ways.

1. Become a follower of my blog: http://www.jenshopefulwriting.blogspot.com/ and leave a comment letting me know you’re here!

2. “Like” the Delivering Hope facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/DeliveringHopeNovel

3. Watch the book trailer: www.bit.ly/peCixw and post a comment on the facebook page telling what you liked about it.

The winners will be randomly chosen at the conclusion of the blog tour and posted on both my blog and the facebook fan page by 10:00 am on Saturday, February 11th.



  1. Thanks for your support, Ashley! I'm so happy that you liked it. That means a lot to me!

  2. WOW, loved your review and also loved this book


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