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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is BTG Support Group all about?

We are so excited to get our Big Tough Girl Support Groups kicked off in February!  I wanted to talk to you a little bit about our Group so you knew what to expect and what they are all about!!!  First of all you can go to the BTG Group Blog for all the location information as well as our ASK APRIL Column.  We are so honored to have an on staff Social Worker to be working with our birth moms, writing a column answering all the questions that we get from any one looking for answers about adoption....on any side.

When I placed my son for adoption almost 6 years ago I had never even heard of  "Group" before.  It was not offered at the agency that I was working with.  I was allowed some time with my case worker for some therapy time but was never in a group setting.  I would have LOVED the opportunity to be able to go and talk with other women that had been through what I had been through...to learn about how to cope with different scenarios...to learn that I was NOT the only one on the planet that was hurting!

In April of 2011 the BIB team had an incredible opportunity to speak at a GROUP meeting in Arizona.  It was so amaizng to see all these women come together and support each other, to "check in" with each other and to find some motivation through each other!

It truly was an amazing experience and I wanted to take what we learned there and transfer it into something that we could offer to everyone!!!!  So we came up with our Big Tough Girl Support Groups. 

One thing I decided was that we wanted group to be at a neutral location.  We didn't want to exclude anyone and we wanted it to be a cool, motivating, inspiring place that got us away from the AGENCY feel of everything...we have to spend enough time there..and we were lucky enough to find the perfect spot for our UTAH groups to start!

{info is on the BTG Support BLOG}

It is an amazing little art studio with a very cozy, relaxed feel and inspiration splattered ALL over the place! 

Group is set up to be NOTHING more than a safe place...a private place for birth moms of ANY stage to come, to share, to just sit and listen, to understand..to get away from it all...to meet others like them..

It is not formal, it is ALWAYS available and it is free!  I will be there once a month, NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE SHOW...I will be there, just in case you decide to walk in and want to talk...or just sit and meditate...or just come for the goodies!  It doesn't matter...
Group will always be there for you!

If you don't feel like you can join us in person or don't have GROUP in your area then join us online in our BIB Community.  We will be having group discussions in our Discussion Room, Ask April will be there checking in and answering questions and you will be able to connect with other birth moms nationwide!

We are so excited and hope you will join us here in Utah at the Fiore Studio on February 16 for our first
Big Tough Girl Support Group! 

If you have ANY questions about group, Ask April or the different locations...or just want to talk email us at

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