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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have been BLISSBOMBED!

I have been wanting to share some personal experiences that I have had since I came in contact with Stephanie St.Claire of  BLISSBOMBED.com and I just haven't had enough time to sit and write everything that I am feeling about this amazing, incredible and honest woman.  I decided it was time that you all got to know her.  {I hope that this does not totally send her screamig for the hills but she is just to fabulous NOT to talk about}

On January 6th 2011 there was a comment posted on the BIB FaceBook Page from a woman that I have never heard of named Stephanie St.Claire.  She posted this:

"Hello beautiful Mamas! ♥ Just wanted to share some inspiration. I am an adoptee (private, closed adoption) and am so BLESSED and GRATEFUL that my birthmom gave me life and made the brave, sacrificial choice to give me up for adoption. We reunited a year ago and have a beautiful, loving relationship! I just adore her and KNOW that it was God's plan that this was the divine course for my life. I applaud you and am sending you hugs and prayers! ♥"

I clicked on her facebook page and immediately started to stalk her and her website.  To say that I was blown away would be an understatement.  She is a life coach, a start over specialist that believes that we can live a divinely inspired live that will rock the world!  I was so moved by her energy that was leaping through my computer. 

I have been very picky about who I let into our BIB family and am very protective of who I let around our Big Tough Girls but something told me that I needed to contact Stephanie.  I truly believe that if we are listening we will be directed to where we need to go, even if we are not expecting it.  I had been wanting someone like Stephanie in my BIB family but didn't know how it would play out.  I contacted her and told her that I thought that Blissbombed and BIB needed to get together and do some work....she responded right away and said "lets get to work"

As a birthmom I was offered a year of counseling for free after my placement.  I was so so grateful for that time spent with my caseworker.  She was a rock that I could rely on during that time.  But it did not provide everything that I needed.  I found that re-hashing the issue and talking over and over about the grief that I was feeling was not helping me get perspective and focus for what came next.  As time went on I went to my appointments less and less and soon stopped going all together.  I wanted and NEEDED some forward thinking.  I needed someone that could help me look forward with everything that I had learned and been through and give me the tools to start a new chapter with my head up.  I found that I was desperately craving that help and could not find it offered anywhere.  I didn't want to avoid or fear what came next...I wanted to be prepared....

I knew when I saw what Stephanie was doing that she was offering EXACTALY what I wanted to make available to the birthmoms that crossed our path.  I wanted someone that could help light a fire under them, that could help them realize the tools that they already had and put them to work...never forgetting but MOVING FORWARD.  I didn't want them to get stuck in the "what is next" with fear and frustration like I did. 

The more that Stephanie and I talked the more that I fell in love with her, her beliefs, her views and her passion for life...not just for herself but for what she wanted everyone else to live. 

SHE IS A TRUTHTELLER and has been my life coach since we met.  We have talked countless times on the phone, we have emailed for months and have spent time in person talking and brainstorming and working through the "lies" to move forward. 

What I have learned since meeting my long lost sister:  I am an important person.   That I have a divine plan that ONLY I can live, that no other person, regardless of our similar stories can finish.  I have been hiding behind lies that I have told myself, lies that other have told myself and she has helped me break those down...see the TRUTH.  In fact....one of my very favorite things that she says to me is "....and how is that lie treating you?" or "is living that lie really doing anything for you?" I just start to laugh as I find myself understanding the Big Picture.  She never "gives advice" or tells me what to do...she listens and reconfirms what I ALREADY KNOW which is so so so powerful to me!  I ALREADY KNOW the truth, somewhere inside of me...I already know what I really want to do in my heart, I already know what my passion and divine plan is...she just helps you realize that you already know and then is nothing but the BEST CHEERLEADER in the whole wide world!!!!!!!! 

Stephanie has a great passion for people....she is a fan of people and believes in the GOOD!  It is so rare to find someone that truly believes in the good and is willing to spend her life helping people realize their own good.  She has a love and passion and faith that is unshaking.  The first time I met her in person during her stay in Utah we sat on her couch and talked for hours about life, religion, God, faith, love, marriage, strength of women and so much more!...it was one of the most honest, open and refreshing coversations I have had in a long time! 

Blessings in a Basket is SO honored to be able to call Stephanie family and even though she is busy rocking the whole world she has made an incredible effort to support BIB and our divine mission.  She donates generously to our baskets for each birthmom to be able to receive her coaching, she supports all of our events and has designed an AMAZING workshop for our BIG TOUGH GIRL RETREATS. 

I am truly blessed to have this amazing woman in my life.  Everyone needs a cheerleader and I have one of the best.  Here is the thing....we are facing scary times and there seems to be less light in the world...Stephanie is part of the light that is still flickering in this world.  I never feel more motivated and more empowered than I do after a shot in the arm from Stephanie.  She reminds me of my purpose here, my divine plan.  She reminds me that even if I am only reaching one person...that ONE PERSON is the most important person!!!....

I truly believe that people come in and out of our lives for a reason.  We may not know the reason right away or it may hit us like a ton of bricks.  I KNOW without a doubt that Stephanie is one of those people that crossed my divine path for a reason....and I see a beautiful, long friendship, partnership and family bond with her for many years to come. 

Take a look at what she is doing.....read her stuff daily....reach out to her and chat with her about your life...let her REMIND YOU of what you are doing...what is waiting for you!!!! 


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