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Monday, September 12, 2011

Journey to a Big Tough Girl-Part 1

I have had one of the most incredible experiences of my life over this past weekend...LIFE CHANGING experience and I am so excited to share every detail with you...
.......but to fully understand where I am coming from I think we need to do this in a few parts....plus it would be 10 pages long and I don't want to torture you that way! :)....so this is going to be long, there may be stuff that you have heard before but it is all so important to my journey.....I HOPE that you will stick with it and read the WHOLE thing to have a true understanding of where I am coming from and maybe if you are going through or have gone through something similiar....this story will help you and inspire you! 

I grew up in a very loving home with an amazing family.  Wonderful parents.  And incredible siblings who to this day are my very best friends.  I was always a little different....independent....stubborn...wanting to do my own things....trying to find my own path....and as I got older that ended up being an extreme down fall in so many experiences............more to come on that as this story unfolds! 

I have been spending this weekend looking back over the past 12 years of my life wondering where this life came from!  This is NOT the life that I had planned for myself, this is not the order that I wanted things to happen, this is NOT where I wanted to be at 31 years old....but I am learning more and more every day that this is the EXACT LIFE that I was supposed to live, this was the EXACT life that I need to have so that so many of the blessings that I am living today could come to pass, this is the EXACT life that I had to live to learn, grow, change and become who I am....I would NOT be the same person with any other life...I would not be married to my Amazing Grace if any other life, I would not have my incredible daughter and SON on the way in any other life....I would not be involved with the most incredible women in the world in any other life.  No matter where we thought we should be going or where we thought we should be we need to understand that this is the life that was meant for us..........This weekend for the first time many questions of why things happen the way they do became answers...some of them after 10 years of wondering......these questions became answers and the answers turned into incredible blessings!.........blessings that 10 years ago I could not see, understand or believe in.......If you can wrap your mind around that....if you can have faith in the things that you don't understand....if you can trust that in the RIGHT time the questions will become answers and answers will become blessings then you can start right now......living and accepting what your journey is....you can accept where you have been and where you are headed....we are always changing....always adapting....always becoming.....

{image from Brave Girls Club}

I have learned so much just from my experience this weekend it has been so powerful!  I finally able to see that things manifest themselves in the time that WE NEED it and it is not always when we think that we need it.....the perspective I gained this weekend is something that I am so excited to share with you all.......

I want you to know that you can start today......accepting that not everything is going make sense right away...having faith that your answers will be answered in the appropriate time frame....learning to be patient with you life experiences.....

{image from Brave Girls Club}

I have so much more to share....I am so excited to share my incredible weekend with you and more steps that lead me to that moment!  

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