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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What is Coming Next?

Hey All -

I'm not really sure what to share with each of you today...do you ever feel this way? You know, sometimes you have so much going on in your mind that you're not even sure where to start? Or how to narrow down your thoughts? Or, maybe you don't like what you're thinking and you're afraid to say it out loud? I kind of feel like that today. I should ask you - what do you do in times like these? How do you respond? Bounce back? Move forward? I'd be interested to know your thoughts...

I think for me, it's really important to stay focused on the simple and precious things that I have in my life. It reminds of the song that is often sung during the holidays that mentions "my favorite things"...rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens. We really do have so many wonderful favorite things that we can focus on rather than all the negative things in on our lives or in the lives around us. I'm not saying that it's easy or that we should just sweep the negative things under the rug, but we can certainly change our point of view for a moment and lift ourselves up again and find the strength to carry on.

August has become a wonderful month for me. My son was born on August 1st, and my wife's birthday is August 29th. We get to celebrate the remaining days of summer before the air starts to chill and prepare ourselves for the fall. Baseball is in full effect as the season winds down and football is on it's way to opening kick-off! The mountain air has a little sting to it and you can just feel the leaves wanting to change. The nights are still long and the days are still hot. School is almost back, kids are excited to go, parents are excited for their kids to go, and everyone seems to be ready for what's next! It's a nice time to reflect on our own lives and see what we have going on and what's next for us.

Enjoy your moments of greatness!

This post was done by Todd Mitchell

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