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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To Thine Own Self Be True

There was an incredible post this morning on Brave Girls Club blog and I wanted to share a part of it with you. I believe this to be true...instead of looking at the talents in others as a positive effect on us we look at it as a way to judge and to bring ourselves down...to beat ourselves up for not being as good as someone else! Especially if we have been through something like placing our baby for adoption, we are already different and judged and weakened by what has happened...so strength in others just makes us feel even less than what we are! Guess what...there are always going to be people that are better than us at SOMETHING...and that is ok!...the key is to embrace their talents and goodness and gain strength in it to find something that we truly love and have passion for. Just because someone else is a runner and LOVES to run and runs in all these incredible races and trains and buys all this cool stuff DOES NOT MEAN that WE HAVE TO WANT TO BE A RUNNER! Don't do something because someone else does it really well and you are just trying to compete...or be the same! Be YOUR OWN SELF!!! If you want to run then run ..... but run for you!!! NOT to impress someone else! We all have something inside of us..something that is strong and wonderful and that makes us unique and talented and special!... Read part of this great post:

"...My friends and I were waiting outside our 3rd grade classroom for school to start. One of our friends had just gotten her ears pierced, and the rest of us had to chime in and show how cool we were, which we proved by how early in life we’d had our ears pierced. I led the group in coolness, since I’d had mine pierced on my 6th birthday – 2 entire years earlier. I was feeling pretty awesome with all of my pierced-ear experience and wisdom, when Lindsay Fisher walked up and got in line. She figured out what we were talking about and promptly shared that she’d had her ears pierced when she was a newborn. My pride deflated as she took my place on the cool list.

Looking back, those things all seem ridiculous…I mean how much does it really matter that Chelsea and I picked different kinds of pictures to color or that Tamara Jenkins’ legs were 1 millimeter smaller than mine or that I got my ears pierced 6 years later than Lindsay Fisher? The things is that while I’ve stopped asking people when they got their ears pierced, I haven’t stopped comparing myself…and more importantly letting myself feel inferior when someone seems to be better than me at this or that.

…and you do it a little too, don’t you? I’m not the only one who finds myself saying things like…..

“I wish I were….” ”I should be….” ”I could be….” ”I am definitely NOT…”
"I am going to be HAPPY for every single person in my life who is better than me at something and HAPPY for myself because there are things that I’m good at too. I can only think of one thing that would make this whole experience better, and that is if YOU would come along with me. Will you?? What are some of the things you are ready to be happy about instead of feeling guilty about?! I bet you didn’t even realize those things were making you feel that weird feeling, but now that you have and you can teach that weird feeling the TRUTH, all kinds of JOY are in store for you!!!!! "

Be true to yourself! You have an amazing YOU in there...let those around you with different talents and passions strengthen you, not weaken you!

To Thine Own Self Be True!


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