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Sunday, July 3, 2011


I recently spoke at a birth mom support group in Mesa, Arizona and referenced Katy Perry's song "Fireworks" as a source of motivation to all of us. I would suggest that this year on the fourth of July we take an extra long and special look at the fireworks that own the night as Katy describes in her song. Really pay attention to detail, to the color, to the massive amounts of power and authority, and muscle they provide. Listen to each of the different sounds, pay attention to the different patterns, focus on the fact that every person lying underneath them is watching them, enjoying them, loving them, fearing them, giving them all the attention they deserve because of the power they have to convey a message of hope, love, freedom, sacrifice, honor, courage, commitment, and so many other reasons for our wonderful and free country that we live in. Emulate them, copy them, be as the fireworks you watch this fourth of July and make a difference in the night sky. Stand for something special. Provide love and support and hope and peace for someone else's dark night. Be a light in someone else's life. Shine brightly before the world and be a voice of strength and courage and optimism. Be proud to be an American where at least you know you're free. Be proud of the stars and stripes that give you liberty. Own you citizenship as an American and this fourth of July and pass along the opportunities that come with it.


This post was done by Todd Mitchell

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