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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You write your own story!

You need to let yourself off the hook....LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK. It is ok. We are were we are and life is what it is, things have happened, we have made choices..went down certain paths and experienced some very difficult things...things that have changed our lives forever...things that have effected EVERY action since that experience...Don't you think that it is time to let ourselves off the hook???

As we go through things in our lives that have a major effect on us we tend to burrow into those things, we carry that literal weight on our shoulders and we live in that guilt throughout our entire life.....WHAT IF instead of letting the guilt and the fear of more disappointment and the lack of trust in ourselves keep us from moving forward...we let ourselves off the hook...we accept ourselves for WHAT WE ARE...which is HUMAN and we accept the things that we have done which is called LIFE CHALLENGES and we say that it is ok...I am not perfect, I have learned from it...it doesn't HAVE to take away from who and what I am...I am letting myself off the hook and I am going to wrap up this chapter and start over with a new one...

That is the BRILLIANT thing about this life...we get to write a new chapter when one ends...We live in a PICK YOUR OWN ADVENTURE world....we have the privilage to write our own story!!!...so instead of repeating the previous 10 chapters...lets start a NEW ONE!!!! How cool is that thought...we get to write our story...if we don't like a character we can kill them off, if we don't love how this is going we make a change, if we aren't happy we make something come into our lives that makes us so.....THIS IS NOT FICTION!!!!! This is LIFE.

Sometimes characters come into our lives and we don't see them coming..we wonder how did our story take us there? We try and retrace all of our twists and turns to figure out where we went wrong...just start a new chapter...YOU REALLY DO HAVE THAT POWER!!

Can you image how great you would feel if you were flipping through your book and you were able to write in a woman (yourself) that was confident, proud, smart and beautiful....write in a man that loved you and worshiped you, that respected you and wanted the same things that you do...write in a family that you have always wanted with a mother and father in the home...Guess What??!! You really get to do that! First of all, you are that woman in the story...you can meet a man that loves you and worships you...you can have the family that you have always wanted! JUST LIVE THAT LIFE THAT YOU WANT! If you want to be a better person...make it so! If you want crappy things to stop happening to you..CHANGE what you need to!...keeping in mind that life is life and you will always have to deal with some challenges...you can write a happy ending!!

IT IS TIME....let yourself off the hook....END THIS CHAPTER...wrap it up!!!! It is time to start a new one! MOVE ONE...write a new story, new direction for yourself...move forward...start focusing on YOURSELF...not the adoption, not the people around you, not society...JUST YOU!!! Start writing YOUR CHAPTER....start writing where you want to be going....

LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK!!! It is ok to move forward and let go...start a new chapter in your life!!! Be ok with who you are...you are amazing!

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