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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is a Small World!

It amazes me how small the world is! I never really knew it until I launched Blessings in a Basket. There have been so many random scenerios that came out of the woodwork and that continue to do so...I LOVE getting emails from people from all over the country...it is one of my very favorite parts of this job. I love reading and sharing our stories..I love the positive encouragement.

I received this email from an adoptive mother and may I say again-It is a SMALL WORLD! Thank you Melanie for sharing this beautiful piece of your story!

"Hello Ashley,

I served in the Mississippi Jackson Mission with Tyler (your brother). I call him Red because I always thought he had such a fierce personality. Anyway, my purpose in writing to you, is to tell you how impressed I am with your blog. I am an adoptive mother. My husband and I adopted our daughter in October 2005. Our adoption experience is beyond wonderful. From day one we decided to have an open adoption with our daughter's birthmother. It has been such a blessing in so many ways. Our daugher gets to see her birthmom whenever we get back to Utah, and speaks with her on the phone frequently. It has been so important for our daughter to have this connection. She knows who her birthmother is, and she never doubts where she came from or how she came to be in our family. This past week we celebrated her 5 1/2 year sealing aniversary. The day she was sealed to us, we had her birth-grandmother is our sealing circle. It was so special for us & later that day her birthfamily was able to meet all of our extended family. This day was a new beginning for us & a happy closure for them. Since that time, our love for each other has grown stronger.

I learned that the adoption process can not only be theraputic for birthmother's, but also for adoptive families. I struggled with infertility issues for 8 1/2 years, experienced two failed adoptions and some other health problems. The day that our birthmother placed her little girl with us my heart became full, and I promised then, that I would NEVER exclude her from our lives. She healed a piece of my broken heart, and I wanted to be a tool to help heal hers. Today we are very good friends, and I feel like we are almost sister's. We share a bond that will never be matched.

I'm thankful for you, and your courage to help birthmother's and adoptive families."

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