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Sunday, May 8, 2011

We Love Our Mothers!!

Today is a very special day...one of my very favorite days of the year because it gives me a chance to honor the women that I think are the most amazing!!.....THE MOTHERS! We have a very special post for you today..we have opened up our post to allow you to honor your mother figures in your own life...along with sharing ours!

Enjoy all the love that is here today for EACH of you and have a beautiful, wonderful Mother's Day!....celebrate....YOU ARE A MOTHER!

Happy Mother's Day from Heather Hatch

"My mother Terri Warner is an amazing woman, she has always been a great example to me and a great support in my decision for adoption. I know it wasn't any easy thing for her to watch her own daughter place her daughter and first grandchild for adoption, but she has always shown me so much love and support. She has been a single mother since I was 3 years old, 24 years she has raised 3 girls by herself and has always been a wonderful example of strength. I couldnt ask for a better mother than her."

Happy Mother's Day from Michelle DeLatour

"As we attend more and more family celebrations or activities for our nieces and nephews, I start to get a little sad. I wonder when it will be that we are able to attend events for our own child. I wonder if we will have orchestra recitals or t-ball games or graduations that we will be inviting other people to attend. I wonder if we will be able to have photo albums filled with pictures of a child or children that belong to us. And, as Mother’s Day approaches every year, my sadness seems to grow infinitely. I would have thought I would have been a mom by now.
This spring was especially difficult with the passing of my grandmother. When someone passes away, it makes you think about life. It makes you think about their life, your life, the past and the future.

But, it was during this very difficult time for our family that I realized how much of an influence my mother has had on my life. Unfortunately, my mom was on vacation while my grandmother passed away. So, my sisters and I took on my mom’s responsibilities in my grandmother’s last hours. I don't think we even thought about - we just did it. At the wake and funeral, everyone kept telling my mom how proud she should be of her 3 girls.

What ran through my mind during those couple of days was "what would mom do". That is actually what’s always been in the back of my mind for the majority of my life. When I was little, I used to tell her that I could hear her voice in the back of my head... especially when I was attempting to do something wrong.

My mom taught my sisters and me so many things - too many to list all of them. But here are a few of them... We learned to share. We learned to say our prayers at night. We learned to greet everyone who came to our house (there was no hiding up in our rooms). We learned to say please and thank you. We learned that family comes first. We learned to respect our elders. And we learned that things would not be handed to us in life – that we needed to work hard for what we wanted. She taught me to sew and to cook. And she taught us to have "Faith, Courage and Enthusiasm" when things got tough.

So, it was with great "Faith, Courage and Enthusiasm" that I have jumped into this world of adoption. Since I won’t be able to pass my brown eyes or my curly hair down to our child, it will be the things I learned from my mother that I will pass down and teach our child. I just hope that I will be half as good of a mom as my mom was to me.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and all the mothers, birth mothers, and hope-to-be-moms out there! "

Happy Mother's Day from Julie Christensen Choate

"My own WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL Mother has always been a HUGE support for me & my decision to give my Allie to a WONDERFUL, LOVING Family more deserving of her & more able to provide for her the life I could not...
This Tribute goes out to my momma, Jill Christensen, & her unconditional love thruout my trying life! And, to Allie's momma, Marsha Williams, who has -in her own special way- given Allie back to me with tht same unconditional love. I LOVE YOU! "

Happy Mother's Day from Ashley Mitchell

"I feel so lucky on Mother's Day because I get to celebrate it in more way than one..and I get to honor more than one mother on this amazing day! First, I want to tell myself Happy Mother's Day...I know that sounds crazy but I am a mother and a birthmother and I am very proud of that..and I deserve a little pampering today!

I also get to tell my own mother Happy Mother's Day! I can't say enough about my mother, Carol. She has been so amazing my whole life. She has stood by me, prayed for me, supported me and has had faith in me! I would not be here if it were not for her and her strength...she is my best friend and I love her so much!

I also get to tell the incredible and wonderful mother that adopted my dear son Happy Mother's Day! I can't even put into words how I feel about her...she is the woman that saved me and my son...she gave me life and a chance..she unselfishly took my son to raise as her own..she is one of the most amazing women that I know and I am honored to be forever connected to her! "

{look at my cutie on the front row}

Blessings in a Basket is so so honored to be sharing this next message of love from an amazing adoptive family!

Happy Mother's Day from Brandon and Corrine

"I wouldn't be a Mother without Our daughter's Birthmom, Kara! She made us a family 5 years ago and life has been incredible ever since. There is not enough said about Birthmoms On Mother's Day and i do not like Birth moms day being separate from it- YOU ARE MOMS REGARDLESS of placement- YOU DESERVE ALL THE CREDIT LOVE AND ADMIRATION on MOTHER'S DAY too!

Now, On This Mother's Day, I'm happy to announce that after 2.9 years of waiting and searching, we will be PARENTS again b/c of a Miraculous Birthmom, Jessica! We met her last weekend and our worlds changed forever!
We know she was led to us and we started praying for OUR BIRTHMOM months ago- without even knowing who she was or how she would come into our family!

So... to All Birthmoms( and Moms too)... Words will never be able to express your selfless love for your children! We are divinely blessed forever b/c of your choices! Our Combined (BM's and AP's) choices will effect these tiny humans who will be raised to become outstanding individuals b/c of both our efforts! The Core of Adoption is LOVE!
We love you all- And I mean it- I've never met someone in adoption that i have not grown a friendship with! Thanks is not enough- but, it will have to do!

~Corrine & Brandon"

Congrats to Corrine and her beautiful family! We are so excited for them and will be happy to have Jessica join our family of birthmoms if she will have us! ;) Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life...but they are all special! They all have purpose and have been something meaningful in our life! For those still waiting for the chance to be a mother..keep the faith! There is a baby waiting for you...stay focused!

Happy Mother's Day!

We love you all so much!

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