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Friday, May 6, 2011

Life's principles are Universal

To you all -

While I was on the airplane my mind was racing as I was trying to organize what seemed like ten thousand different thoughts going in ten thousand different directions. For someone who tries to keep himself pretty organized - I was all over the place! In less than 3 hours I was about to stand in front of a group of women who, quite frankly had very little in common with me and I was supposed to speak and motivate and inspire them to reach their potential when, quite frankly, I had no real way of relating to them. I mean, really - how does a husband, father and man relate to a birth mom? Well, I don't have the answers, but under this big huge sky that we all live, the world is actually quite small and so intimately connected. The universal principles of life that I learned the night of my speech was just that...they are UNIVERSAL! It doesn't matter if you're chasing dreams in Hollywood, practicing law at Harvard, or are a stay at home birth mom mother - the principles of hard work, sacrifice, love, respect, patient, long suffering, and having a kind heart will help in our efforts to become a stronger human being and provide a stronger more fulfilling life!

It's Mother's Day this month. Because of your sacrifice, you've given women around the country, that aren't as fortunate as others, the opportunity to be mothers. May God bless you eternally for the gift!

xoxo - Todd

This post was done by Todd Mitchell


  1. Thanks Todd! It is true that life's principles are universal. Sometimes we forget this and think that we are the only one's out there trying to make it. In fact there are many who love us and are cheering for us.
    With a little hard work and patience I am sure that all of us can become stronger!

  2. Really inspirational! Keep writing more....

    I just started blogging too.. Do read when you have the time...


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