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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rise Above

Dear Big Tough Girls,

I just wanted to give you some love on this beautiful Saturday morning. Sometimes life is hard, it is hard for everyone. And we all have different challenges that we face. Sometimes we have the same challenge but react in different ways. As birth moms ALL of our situations were different, different guys, different time frames, different scenerios..but the end result is the same...we end up pregnant, place our babies for adoption and have to find a way to move forward. We all do that in different ways, different time frames, different people that support us. But this BIB family has that ONE special thing in common...we are Big Tough Girls! Rise Above my beautiful friends...be bigger than the situation and the people around you. You are the ONLY one that can be ok. You are the ONLY one that can make yourself be ok. We are all here to offer love and support but we don't make promises and we can't fix everything. We hope to love and inspire you, to help you understand the beauty that lies within, to help you find your path but we can't take away the pain, the grief, the fear...or anything else. We LOVE YOU!...dear girls. You are amazing! You are strong! You are Brave! Remember that not everything turns out the way that you hope or pray that it will...but there is hope, there is light, there is a chance for you to turn it all around...

this is some love from Brave Girls

"So often we find that our individual experiences in life may not have been as beneficial to us as they were for others. Life works in such a way. We all have our own journey to travel, an individual journey that is meant for us. But we also get to live through things that are not so much about us at all. Sometimes our trials, or our blessing, or our lessons, are actually meant for the people whom we surround, or who surround us. It's important to remember that people are watching the way you handle things in your life. They are learning so much from you and your strength, your grace and your wisdom. It's important to remember how much we can help each other along their way because of what we have learned and what we remember. It helps make sense of things, too, when we can recognize our ability to be a miracle in the lives of others, in a way that we never could have had we not traveled the path that we have each traveled. Isn't that beautiful?"

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