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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love is all around!

When I think of February it makes me think of love. What is love? Where does it come from? I think throughout our life we have many different experiences pertaining to love. When we are young we love our parents and siblings. As we grow older we experience the love of friends and then the first love of our life or so we think. Then we find our true love and get married. Then we have children and fall in love with them before we ever give birth to them. After we have our first child we wonder if we could ever love another child in the same way and just like magic we love that child just as much.
I was lucky enough to work closely with our first birth mother Kristina. We spent lots of time together throughout her journey to place her daughter for adoption. I can honestly say I love this girl so much. We have had a lot of discussions about her decision. I think of the unconditional love she has for that little girl. She knew the decision she made was the right one. Was this a hard decision, absolutely! I can only imagine the pain she went through.
On the other side I have seen this little baby girl with her new family and the love they have for her. How her brothers love and kiss her. How her parents cuddle and love her. I know that the decision to give a child up is a hard one. I feel that hard as it may be this is a good decision. There is a family longing for a child to love as you would.
As you think of February think of the love you have for all those around you. How lucky you are to love so many people and how many people love you.
This post was done by Becky Tanner

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