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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Come What May....And Love It!

I have been thinking a lot about my next post. I have had some parents of birth moms reach out to me and asked if I would talk about a few things...if I could reach out to some of our Big Tough Girls that are having a hard time...well I will do my best, I love writing to all of you and it is my prayer that something I say reaches out and touches you...most of the time I feel like I ramble on and on...like now...


I am so blessed in my life. I have been through a lot...more than I would ever wish on a young lady. And I am still sitting here feeling blessed. I can promise you that just a few short years ago I would have NEVER said that....what changed? Did I get more money? NO. Did I become famous? NO. Did some out of this world incredible thing happen to me? NO. There was such a small shift that if you didn't know me very well you would not have been able to notice a difference...I am going to tell you what it was in just a second....

wait for it!.........

Before I tell you what changed I want to share something very interesting that I read the other day. I was reading a book called "Live your Life at Half Price by Lyle and Tracy Shamo" because like so many my hubby and I are on a tight budget....and it was talking about our pursuit for happiness. We have all heard "Money doesn't buy happiness"...I know WE ALL think that it would...at least take away some stress but then I read something interesting by a professor from Harvard by the name of Daniel Gilbert. He says "bad things don't effect us as profoundly as we expect them to. As a species we tend to be moderately happy with whatever we get. If you take a scale that goes from zero to 100, people, generally, report their happiness at about 75. We keep trying to get to 100. Sometimes we get there. But we don't stay long. We certainly fear the things that would get us down to 20 or 10-the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, a serious challenge to our health. But when those things happen, most of us will return to our emotional baselines more quickly that we'd predict. Humans are wildly resilient."

Oh my goodness...that just jumped at me!! HELLO ASHLEY!!! Here are my thoughts...he is totally right..so why do things get worse and harder for us?? I believe 100% that we use the things that bring us down to a 20 or 10 as an excuse to act out, be angry, stay in bed....get attention. What is the difference between one person to the next????

Here it is.....the small change that was made...the answer...


You may be laughing right now, or you may be thinking that is such a small thing...there is no way that is the answer......I hope that you are saying....HELLO!!! That is so obvious and SO RIGHT!!!

My hubby and I had family home evening last night and we worked on our goals for 2011. We talked about

COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT.....things are going to happen to EVERYONE...no one is immune..but our attitude is going to determine whether we let it make us or break us. There are NO EXCUSES!!!!!! There is no reason that I can't get out of bed to take care of my daughter, no reason why I can't take 10 minutes a night to read my scriptures, no reason why I can't learn new things....NO EXCUSES.....

Embrace life and what comes at you...CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE...

I am here to testify to ALL birth moms that I KNOW how hard placing your baby for adoption is...I KNOW that it is enough to break a person....and I know that the first sign of weakness and Satan will eat you alive. I know that I had a bad attitude, I was weak and I wasted YEARS of my life giving in to that anger, bad attitude, excuses.
Please don't......please accept the situation for what it is...It has happened and it is horrible but there ARE GREAT AMAZING LIFE CHANGING lessons to be learned.....don't waste them hiding...don't use your guilt and anger as an excuse.....change your attitude....BREAK THE CYCLE...learn and don't repeat!!!

I love you all. I testify that God lives and that he LOVES me. I testify that if I face my challenges with the spirit and with a positive attitude...I will be BLESSED...I AM BLESSED!!!!!

Stand tall my Big Tough Girls....adjust the attitudes...don't let this experience break you the way it did me....


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