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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bring Hope to Big Tough Girls

Oh my goodness! Once again I am brought to tears. I get so many incredible emails and I am so grateful and my heart is full...you ladies keep thanking me but trust me...you are the ones doing all the work! You are connecting and healing and sharing all on your own...BIB just provided the outlet! You are all so incredible and there is hope...we can heal, we are healing every single day! Thank you for sharing....another incredible email from an incredible Big Tough Girl!!!!

Ashley and all the Big Tough Girls~

I have been reading the blog for a while now, and i can't even express how much better it makes me feel. When i feel like the only girl in the world who has been hurt, abused, and heartbroken over and over and over again, i get on Blessings in a Basket and i am reminded that i am not alone. I am reminded that i am not really going to fall into a million shattered pieces and disappear, that i do have a future, and i can find the strength, because here are all these girls who have been broken and have healed. Who have gone through the same heartbreaking sadness, emptiness, and loneliness and have found a way to cope, and to mend their broken hearts. They all know what it is like to put their babies in the arms of another mother, say i love you and goodbye. They all know what it means to love someone so much that you knowingly sacrifice your own heart, and possibly your happiness, just so they have a life full of love and the opportunities that they deserve. They have healed their broken bodies, minds, and hearts and moved on to create a better life for themselves. It gives me so much hope, something that is very rare for me these days. I have been so inspired by all of the brave women on this blog, and because of them i know that someday my heart will heal. Someday i will be able to look back and remember what i went through and be proud, because i am a big tough girl. That day might not be today, tomorrow or next week, but i know that day will come. Everyday i am going to work towards that goal, because if these amazing women found the strength, then so can i. Thank you big tough girls, thank you ashley, you have helped remind me every day that the decision i made was right, and even though it hurts so bad... it will heal. I love all of you big tough girls so much! Be brave, and remember how much your babies love you and how much they will someday admire you for the sacrifices you made to give them a happy life full of unconditional love.

With so much love,

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