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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Parent,

I am your daughter, and I am between the ages of 14 and 25. I have been hearing all sorts of things about boys and sex at school and from my friends. What does it all mean? Some of my friends are on birth control...do I need that? What is that? They say you just take a pill but is that like taking drugs?

I am dating a boy and I think that I am in love with him. He says that if you love someone that you have sex with them. Do you love each other? So you have sex does that mean that I should? Will he still love me if I don't have sex with him?

I am having sex but he says that we don't need protection. What kind of protection should we be using? I don't think that I could ever get pregnant. I tried to bring a condom but he got mad at me and said that I didn't trust him. He loves me and it will be ok if I get pregnant, we will just get married. Can we get married? What does it take to raise a baby?

I am pregnant and he left me. Can you help me? Everyone says I should have an abortion? What does that mean? What will happen to me if I do that? Can you raise the baby while I finish school?

I have so many questions....will you answer them for me or do I have to go somewhere else?

There are so many things out there today that our kids are learning from the media, friends, other adults...where do you want your daughter to hear about sex and the responsibility that comes with it? From you or from the 14 year old pregnant girl down the street? I know that it is difficult and uncomfortable but you need to talk to them...they are hearing about it younger and younger...and they really do want to know. They trust you and it is your job to talk with them....don't let them be in a situation where they have to choose.

Educate your daughters...educate your sons....show them you love them by talking to them!!! They need you and I promise if you don't they WILL go somewhere else!!

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