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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When there is nothing left to do.....get your toes done!

I had the incredible opportunity to go and share the last few days with one of our beautiful birth moms, Kristina. I can't even put into words how brave, incredible, beautiful, funny and wonderful this young woman is. I have never met someone so open and honest. She was so willing to open her life to us and share so much of her story...I wont even ruin it, you will hear some incredible things come directly from Kristina. (video to come)

My job was to show up and let her have some GIRL TIME!!! There is nothing you can do when you are seconds from giving birth...you can't say anything..you can't feel anything..you can't be anything...so we dragged her out of the house and took her to lunch and to get her toes done...we also dragged a few others along for the ride:

Kristina and her Mom

Sister Anna, and the incredible adoptive Mother Jessica

It was such an incredible day for me to sit and watch the love and support that Kristina has from her family and friends. She is a very loved and is very lucky. I was so honored to be a part of the "family" for one day.

It was an impossible weekend for Kristina and her family...and there was nothing left to do but get our toes done! It was all we could do to take our minds off everything that was about to happen...the life changing events that were about to take place...

I can't thank Kristina and her family enough for letting me share some of the most treasured moments of my life...she has blessed me and helps me to continue to heal just by being her and the big, tough girl that she is...

There is more to come about Kristina and her story...she truly is an incredible woman and my life is better because I know her and got to experience such a precious time in her life...

We love you Kristina, we will pray for you always!!!

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