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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Read the Sign!

I think that life would be so much easier if we could walk around with signs around our neck to let everyone know exactly what we are going through! There would be no secrets or mystery...we could just put it out there and no one would have to get the wrong idea or judge you or your actions..people would understand what you are going through and where you are coming from.

What would your sign say? Would it say that you are going through a divorce? Would it say that you just found out that you have cancer? Would it say that you are filing for bankruptcy? Would it say that you just found out that your daughter is pregnant?

No matter what you are going through and what your sign says there are always people that don't make us feel good...people that can see through the outside. I am sure that we have all been guilty from time to time of judging before knowing...We have all been through things, life changing things that have caused us to go through things and do things and act ways that normally we would not consider doing....

I haven't walked in your shoes...even if we come together with similar interest all of our stories and life challenges are going to be totally different...where do I get off thinking that I can judge you, be cruel to you be anything but sympathetic and loving to you when I have no idea what you are going through and how you feel???!!!

I wish that we would be kind to each other, I wish that we could soften our hearts and show love and compassion, I wish that we could be more Christ like and love one another no matter what...we are all going through things...we are all just trying to survive this life!!! Cut each other some slack!!!!

My sign could read SO many things that I am going through...it could say that I am married to my third husband, that I got pregnant at 26, that I have mental health struggles, that I have struggled with alcohol addiction, that I have Cervical Cancer....it could read SO many things that on the outside, I would for sure be judged by the list of "indiscretions".....but here is what my sign reads:

(photo by Melody Ross)

Life is hard for everyone...be kind to each other....YOU never know what the person next to you is going through!!!!!

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