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Thursday, October 7, 2010


I know how hard it can be to feel excepted by people around you. I am very co-dependent and NEED people to like me, and it has put me in some very difficult situations. As I have grown and learned a few things I am starting to realize more and more that in the big picture, there are some relationships, acquaintances, or interactions that are NOT good for you and are not worth the heartache and sacrifice that you will go through. We spend so much time worrying about impressing the most insignificant people when we should be worrying about impressing those that are around us that love us and care about us! My dad always says "there is family and everyone else are just strangers"! I love that saying, it is one of my favorite Mitchellisms. Now, everyone has a different definition of what family is or what it means to them, some people don't have family, some people have co-workers, neighbors or friends that fall in that category. Whoever belongs in that "FAMILY" focus on them, fly with them, let them inspire, direct and encourage you...not the ones outside of that circle. Now, that doesn't mean that we turn our backs on all those around us...but there is a different between serving others and letting them influence you against your desires! Stay true to you and the people that love that YOU...
To all you birth moms out there...you are in my circle...You are "FAMILY" to me and I love you and want to encourage you, motivate you, inspire you to be the very best YOU that you can!! You have it in you...don't let the negative influences change what is inside of you!!!

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