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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bloom where you are planted.

I don't think that any of us ended up where we thought we would. Life is funny that way. I found an old journal the other day that talked about what I wanted to be when I grew up and where I wanted to live. By the time I was 25 I wanted to have traveled the world, live in my own home, be a famous lawyer or something along those lines...and here I am, 30, living in Herriman, Utah in a humble one bedroom apartment with my hubby, 8 month old daughter and our cat Fergie, I am a birth mom and running this organization. NOT A BAD LIFE at all, just never thought that my choices and paths would lead me here.

We aren't always happy with where we are, we end up in places and around people that we think aren't us, we are doing things and making decisions that have changed us to the core. It is hard to get back on track and to figure out our next move. Being unhappy in a place, physically or mentally can change us, make us bitter and afraid. There is only one thing to do....BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED....take the time to grow into a beautiful rose when you are planted in a bed of weeds!! Rise above your situation, make the best effort to be a better you, to accept your current situation and make the steps to changing them if you are unhappy with them. You don't have to stay in one place and be miserable.....CHANGE TAKES TIME, so while those changes are happening....BLOOM...be bigger, better, faster, stronger...so that when you are plucked from where you are and "re-potted" somewhere else you are prepared to be in the next place.

In 2007 I moved to Nashville and was married for the shortest 30 seconds of my life. It was very hard there and I faced many, many challenges...could be now, looking back one of the biggest growths in my life. I went to Nashville one person and came back a totally different person. My mother knew how much I was struggling there and she sent me a plaque that said "Bloom where you are planted". I was NOT good at that, I knew how to connect with the wrong people and the wrong activities...I didn't know how to bloom myself, how to shine in all the darkness! But eventually, I met my husband who is amazing and that I love very much, I went back to church, stopped drinking, had a baby and now have left Tennessee to come home and to be the person that I know I am supposed to be....my path is clear for me now and it is lined with the brightest WILD FLOWERS you have ever seen, all pieces of me, all pieces of my story...I am lucky to be here...Bloom...Find yourself....while making changes be the best you can be....take your soil that you are planted in RIGHT NOW and make it home...grow something beautiful...leave each stage in your life a little brighter than when you got there!...Your seeds will spread and soon you will be in a garden of people that are just like you!....you will kill the weeds....BLOOM, BLOOM, BLOOM.....

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