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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get in the Game...

As I have been shifting my focus to my daughter, my husband and all of you I have been thinking a lot about getting off my butt and really doing something, really changing things. I have spent so many years of my life on the bench. I was either put there by a coach or teammate because I struck out a few times or because I put myself there. I have these crazy, non-illegal drug, techno-colored flashes of everyone else and their lives and their dreams being lived out right in front of me. I let that anger me, I let my mistakes, my life choices, my challenges anger me and I put that on other people, so I sat.....and stewed....and cursed....and drank....and cried....and rebelled....what I didn't realize is that I was keeping myself on the bench because I was so mad at myself, not at everyone else. I realized that my mistakes, my life choices, my challenges shouldn't anger me, they should inspire me! They make me who I am and I have a story to tell, I can help others get off the bench and into the game. You should not hide because of your mistakes, embrace them, turn it around so that they work FOR YOU!! Not AGAINST you!! Satan is so powerful...it brings me to tears to think what I let him control for so long....BUT not any more! I am here for myself and for you. I have a voice and I want to be heard....but no one will hear me in the dugout!

It is not okay to sit back and watch everyone else around you do what they want to do...I promise you the only reason that other people's dreams are coming true is because they struck out 100 million times....BUT THEY KEPT GETTING UP TO BAT!! Any one that tells you that you should be ashamed of your life and the choices that you make and the mistakes that have been made don't truly live!!!! They are sitting right next to you...so get up off the bench and get in the game!
Remember, ONLY YOU can make YOU wait!! You are the only one that can let your anger and fear and embarrassment get the best of you....you put yourself on the bench....NOW put yourself back in the GAME!!

WE ARE big, tough girls...WE can DO it!!!


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