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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You are Amazing!

I love this time of year. The flowers are blooming and the weather is perfect in Arizona. When I was a kid I loved the Easter Egg Hunt with all my cousins and the annual softball game. I loved waking up Easter morning to a basket full of candy and a new outfit. My kids don’t have the same family memories as we have never lived close to family. This year we are actually going to travel to be with our family for Easter for the first time ever. We have already planned the egg hunt and Easter dinner. I am so excited to spend this time with our family. What is most exciting is my oldest son moved away a year ago and I haven’t seen him since September and we will get to spend this time with him. I am so proud of him for surviving his first year living on his own. What a great accomplishment this is for him. We all have things that we’ve accomplished in our lives and we need to celebrate them. At this time of year as we celebrate Easter we should celebrate ourselves. We are all unique and wonderful. You need to spend time reflecting on your life and all the great things you do. As a mom I think about all the great things my kids do and try and praise them that at times I forget about all the good things I do. I have great friends and family that remind me of some of them. I’m going to spend some time this month journaling them so I can reflect on them. My challenge to you is spend some time this month looking at how amazing you are and writing these things down in your journal. I hope to see you in Arizona at our BIG TOUGH GIRL event. When I do I’m going to ask you about all the great things you’ve accomplished in your life. So get your lists ready I know I’ll have mine. I love all you wonderful girls.

This post was done by Becky Tanner

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