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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time Heals.

We are just so excited to share our custom and exclusive BIB watches that were designed by Founder, Ashley Mitchell and assembled by hand by Becca Houston out of Logandale, UT. We are so excited about our watches and just wanted to share! Every birth mom basket that goes out will now contain our BIB watch....we hope one day we will be sitting in a room and be able to spot a birth mom from her watch...that would be so so so awesome! A big thanks to Becca for putting these watches together for us! We love you and think you are awesome! Here is what the watch means to BIB:

~ time heals: I am here to witness that your thoughts and some wounds will never completely go away. But time does heal so many things..and it is always moving forward. It is so important to remember to always look forward, never backward. That is why I am including these incredible watches hand made by Becca Houston. These are custom made just for BIB. You will not be able to get this watch unless you are a birth mom. Don't try and stop something that you can't control...move on and in time you will feel better. The BIB spiral watch face represents that time will never stop...it will continue to go...take time to heal, let time do what it does best...moves forward!

Thanks again and we are so excited for those who will receive our watches!

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