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Monday, March 7, 2011

Designated Runner!!!

Ok Birth Moms!!!

We are giving away one of our spots to our AMAZING Big Tough Girl Retreat! We are so excited about this and you are NOT going to want to miss the chance to win!...
As you all know, we are hosting our 1st annual Big Tough Girl 5K. We want ALL our birth moms to come and join in...so this is how it is going to work.

Todd Mitchell, our HollyWood Star and Vice Chair, is challenging EVERYONE to a race at our 5K. We really want someone to beat him.....and even better we want a birth mom to beat him! So we are allowing ALL birth moms to have a designated runner!! If you are a birth mom and you don't think that you can beat Todd to a race you can recruit ANY ONE that you want to run against him for you....and I mean ANY ONE!...from a high school runner, to college runner, to marathon runner to olympian if you know one!!! If your RUNNER beats Todd, and has the fastest time of all the designated runners, then you are the winner of one spot to our Big Tough Girl Retreat!!!

*We are giving away one spot...so the designated runner with the fastest time that beats Todd WINS
Here are the Rules:
1. Both you and your designated runner must be registered to race. You will get a birth mom sticker and your designated runner will have a matching sticker to symbolize that he/she will be running for you.
2. You must be present to win.
3. The winner will be announced during the awards at the end of the race.
4. You must both be registered before Race Day. You and your designated runner may NOT sign up the morning of the race.
5. Once you and your designated runner get registered you must email ashley@blessingsinabasket so that we can make sure your runner packets have all the correct information.
6. Your runner can win for you and for themselves! If they place in the top 3 places for their age then they will win, if they beat Todd they win and they will be entered for all of our great drawings.

We are so excited that we are going to be giving away a spot to our retreat!!!!!! It really is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime for any birth mom!!!
Start recruiting those runners!!!!
We love you and can't wait to see you all at the race!!
*if you are a runner and would like to be a designated runner for a birth mom and have a chance to beat Todd in our 5K please email Ashley- ashley@blessingsinabasket.org

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