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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What will Soul Restoration do for you?

I have had the incredible privilege to participate in BRAVE GIRLS Soul Restoration class. It truly has been an eye opening experience and has brought great healing and hope to my life. I have met incredible women through this experience and have gained a total new perspective on myself, my soul, my life challenges and experiences.

I am a birth mom. I placed my son for adoption in 2006 and have had several years that I felt lost, disconnected, ashamed and out of control. I have spent a lot of time and have worked very hard to put myself back together and put myself in a position where I could reach out and help others like myself. I have been doing pretty well and then I started taking Soul Restoration and I realized how much damage had been done and how much work I still needed to do.

This course has allowed me to be gentle with myself, to go through and take a hold of my life, to accept the things that have happened, to stop blaming myself and embrace all aspects of me, to set boundries for myself , and to move forward as a whole person instead of leaving pieces of me behind.

This truly has changed my life and I encourage EVERYONE that is able to sign up for the next session. I can guarantee that I will be taking Soul Restoration 2. These are lessons that we will refer back to for the rest of our lives. You are at a crossroads...do you do something to save yourself or do you turn the other way because you are to scared to face yourself..this is one of those moments...it is my prayer that you will be gentle with yourself, love yourself enough to get the help that you need...to find peace and fogivness, to move forward to live the life you imagine!

In honor of our organization our dear friend LIZ COLEMAN is donating ONE FREE Soul Restoration Class- 1 or 2 and a gift card to your local craft store for supplies for the class!!! This is an incredible gift that values over $150.00.

Please leave us a COMMENT ON THIS POST with why you feel like you need Soul Restoration 1 or 2. What do you hope to get out of the class? What are you searching for? Why are you here? We will pick the winner and make the announcement February 14, 2011...

*UPDATE* Blessings in a Basket is going to do a Soul Restoration Donation Match! Please include in your post a loved one that could benefit from this class...someone that you know would love to take this with you! If you WIN then they WIN!

Good luck from Liz and all of us at BIB!


  1. I think I need to take Soul Restoration to reconnect with my true self. As I approach my 40th birthday in 2012, I have resolved to be more reflective on my life and to be more gentle on myself. As I've started that process and look at where I am now, I realize I have not done a very good job of that so far. I am struggling in the process to either have or adopt a child; I feel more and more disconnected from my own family, who live 500 miles away; and I find myself withdrawing more and more into what I think is "safe." I don't feel as open or loving or forgiving as I used to 10-15 years ago, and I desperately crave a return to that openness, especially as my husband and I prepare to add a child to our family. I miss being able to give a hug or share my thoughts and dreams openly without worrying about criticism.

  2. I would LOVE to take Soul Restoration - I've been looking at the class but simply couldn't afford it. Getting the Brave Girls Club daily emails has been transformative - there are days when I feel like giving up, and when one pops up in my inbox, I am lifted and connected. I've had many challenges in my life, including living every day with a life-threatening rare disease called CVID, which often makes me feel isolated and disconnected from myself. When one has grown up in a world of treatments, hospitals, and doctors, with a body that feels 'defective' and like a specimen for others' study, it is hard to remain connected to one's self internally. I do my best to live as full a life as possible with my disease, and take joy in giving back to the community as a volunteer, but would love to have some special time for myself to get to know myself - defective body and all - and really learn to embrace and embody who I am.

  3. I have learned so much already and have this deep desire to continue soul searching and learning from my self and would LOOOVE the opportunity to continue doing so in a structured setting at SR2. I have a hard time committing to things for MYSELF because I am always surrounded by my 3 small children who take up most of my time. To have a class MAKES me take time for myself and as a 27 year old mother of 3 under 6 I NEED to have time for myself!

    serenity3212 @yahoo.com

  4. I am a single mommy to my three blessings, a 17-year-old Manboy and 6-year-old boy/girl twins. I actually sold a lot of things on Craigslist to be able to afford Soul Restoration 1 because I knew I needed some help. It has touched my life and soul so profoundly. My children have noticed a transformation in me. I would love to win Soul Restoration 2 only. I don't need the first class or even the gift card. But to be able to continue on this amazing journey would be life-changing! Thank you for this opportunity! And blessings to you ...

  5. So often I think we forget to be kind to ourselves. As a caregiver to aging parents and a grandchild. I am finding that I am kind to to others and forget about myself due to other peoples needs. So I think Soul Restoration1 will help remind me to take care of myself. That its okay to do so. That our soul is like a house and we are the only ones allowed in. No one else is allowed space there.
    I also need to hear about how other set boundries healthy ones to take care of ourselves. I want to embrace who I am totally and not loose pieces of me as I walk. I want to take the total package on the journey. All the good and the bad..All of it intact.
    I am working on the mental and emotional parts of being a cancer patient as well. Partly why I think Soul Restoration is a wonderful thing is because it talks about taking care of you and confronting challenges and life experiences. I think that is a gift when others ban together in a class like this to bring so much to others.
    So that is why I am here...I think there is always much to learn if we are open to those who cross our paths...and share there gifts.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I desperately need this class but can not justify the expense. I am the mommy of 3 boys (14, 13 and 11) that my husband and I adopted after years of infertility treatments. When we got the boys (all at once 3 boys 3 and under!!!), I left my job in the scrapbook industry to become a full-time mommy - a decision I have NEVER regretted. That was 1999. At age 7, my middle son was diagnosed with autism, bringing years of frustrating questions to a close. The struggles of having a special needs child after years of infertility put stress on my marriage but through daily hard work, we are actually closer now than in the 24 years we have been together. In 2007 with the collapse of the CA housing market (my husband is an architect) I returned to work and he has stepped in to be the after-school parent. Although my job is some days uncertain (I work for a CA community college) I know that providing for my family and securing healthcare benefits far outweigh any stress I incur. My journey to self worth has been long and is definitely nowhere near ending. Daily I struggle with balance and thankfulness. I truly believe Melody's class will help me understand what is within my control and what is not and how to look at my life and appreciate the joy and blessings in it. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.


    Wow is the best way to describe the soul restoration w/ Brave Girls. I am learning to find the real me again that I have lost over the years by taking care of everyone else for sooo long I just pushed "me " to the back corner. I am figuring out that the weak me and the strong me have to live together in harmony. I have also learned sooo much w/ the timeline lesson ( this one I struggled with alot). I am hoping to continue on to Lesson 2 during the summer. Open your hearts and let the real you shine strong ladies.

    Times have been hard on everyone and some people open up more than others w/ their problems. Sooo many feelings are coming to the surface right now that I am still stressed and dealing w/ issues. I know one day I will talk freely about these issues and the pain will subside, but for now I continue w/ the 1 online course and hope to go onto the 2nd online course.
    Thank you for giving a generous gift!!!
    Tanya in FL

  8. Sheri!!! 3 boys under 3 at the same time!!! You my dear are a Big Tough Girl!!!

    We love those adoptive families!!!


  9. WOW is Right!!!!
    You ladies are going to make this SO SO SO hard on us...and we still have a whole month!!!!

    Love you all!!

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  11. I am a single mother of 2 (a 12 yr old boy and a 6 yr old girl). I lost my mom a few years ago and about 2 months after my husband told me he wanted a divorce which was the hardest thing I have ever been through. It was not easy! Then after moving out of our home with the kids I went back to school for medical assistant. At 35 I have just graduated magna cum laude and have a job just as coverage when somebody takes a day off. Besides these things I am still dealing with feelings of being worthless because they were instilled in me by my mother in my childhood and then by my exhusband. I also have other things I have held in since my childhood and from my marriage but I will spare you all the details for now!! I was referred to the Brave Girls Club by a friend that knew I needed sonething to help me feel better about my life and I would REALLY love to do the soul restoration. I think it would be a great thing for me to turn around my life and feel better about myself. At one point in my life after my first child I did have quite a bit of confidence and self esteem but lately I feel like I have none at all. I had a hard time trying to decide on who I think would benefit the most from doing the soul restoration with me. It was between my 16 yr old sister because of what she went through with our mother and living with our mother's addictions and then leaving her as a small child before she passed our my best friend since 6th grade who was always there for me when I had problems and she is now taking care of her parent's and also working hard at her job and dealing with many of her own health problems. I tend to think that my best friend would benefit more though. Please give me a chance to restore my soul and really need it!

  12. I really wanted to take the current Soul Restoration class, but obligations and committments got in the way. I'm heading to that big 50 birthday at the end of this year. WOW!! Can't believe it. My life has been so full. Full of many, many experiences, both fun and hard. Hard, where I've had to dig deep to find that Brave Girl hiding. Sometimes I need to just focus to find true self as I give to my children, husband, and helping him start our new business venture. All while doing all the "normal" things. My oldest son is currently serving in Iraq and literally just shared with me an experience he had 3 months ago, that as a Mom, we never, ever want to have our children experience-being with someone, hold someone in your arms as they pass from this life. What to do as a Mom? I need to have MY soul in order to be able to help him.

    There are so many, deserving women of this gift. Just reading their stories has enlarged my heart. Thank you! I think we all are Brave Girls whether we know it or not.

    The person I would like to bring to this class would be my daughter, who just ent through a divorce from her 2-year marriage. Having to be strong enough to know when to leave when your spouse becomes abusive (emotionally, verbally and physically) is a Brave Girl to me. But she doesn't believe it, yet. This would be a fabulous opportunity for her!

  13. I just escaped a 15-year abusive marriage, along with my nine-year-old daughter. I was sexually abused, and my daughter and I were physically, emotionally and financially abused as well. My husband has been addicted to pornography since he was a teenager, and I did not know this before we got married. He criticized my clothing, and told me how I had to wear my hair (even "the hair down there!") and makeup. He told me I was a bad Christian and a bad wife if I did not do what he wanted, submit to his every demand. The worst part is that he did this all in the name of Christ, citing Bible verses to justify his controlling, abusive behavior.

    I am a 42-year-old woman who is starting over. I just returned to my hometown, leaving many of my possessions, including my car, in California. My beloved daughter has been traumatized by her father's mistreatment and abuse. She is an amazing artist and uses painting and drawing to calm down, to come back to normal. I do this as well.

    Over the last several months, my husband, even though I am a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom, refused to provide adequate money (even though he has a good job) to provide me and my daughter with enough money for the food and medicine we needed. He also refused to repair my car, and my daughter and I were stuck in a suburb with no way to get groceries. I ended up in the hospital with a life-threateningly low potassium level likely due to malnutrition.

    I finally called my 69-year-old mother for help, and she and my stepdad came and helped me get some of my daughter's and my treasures packed up and moved them back to the midwest from California. We now have a warm house to stay in until we can get a place of our own, and adequate food thanks to the food stamp program.

    I am broken, though. I have been told who to be and how who I am is not all right for so long, that I am desperate to get in touch with me again, with who God created me to be, apart from this fantasy Barbie doll that my husband wanted to make me into.

    I would be grateful if you would consider awarding me the scholarship for the Soul Restoration class. I have found such encouragement in the posts from the Brave Girls on Facebook and on the Brave Girls' website. I believe that participating in the class and sharing with my dear little girl some of what the class teaches, that both of us can move closer to being happy and who God created us to be. Thanks.


    When things got

  14. I too have been blessed to have been in the first Soul Restoration class. My best friend gave me the class as a Christmas gift & it's the best gift I've received in a long time. It is teaching me to go easy on myself giving the same breaks I give others to myself. Last week was super hard bringing so many of my mistakes to mind but also helpful in allowing me to put it in perspective and really forgive myself for mistakes. I also have lots of health problems and that has been the worst in making me feel that i don't have control of my life - SR has allowed me to really look for the daily blessings no matter the situation. Melody is an awesome teacher & makes things easy to grasp. As a visual learner she presents things in tangible images that really bring them to life. Doing the art concretes the truths & allows them to get into your heart, mind & soul - allowing for healing. Thank you Melody & Kathy for sharing your time, talents, & heart aches with us.

    I would love to be a part of session 2 and am already trying to sell some craft items & have a yard sale or 2 to get the money. We've been struggling a bit with this economy and my health.

    My sister would be so blessed by a spot in this class. She has also had a rough time of thing lately & really been beating herself up for past mistakes

    Thanks so much for your generosity & for giving a chance for one winner to be blessed with a spot in the classes

  15. "Not enough time, not enough money, too afraid..." Those are the excuses. "Fear, fear, fear." And fear is the reason. I am paralyzed by it. Afraid to make choices, afraid of the wrong choice, afraid something might happen to my loved ones. I feel like I go through life as Miss Much Afraid. I want to be healed and set free from fear. *That* is why I want to take a Soul Restoration class. I want to move forward with my life, not in fear...but in hope and with grace. I want to learn what exactly the value of my self-worth is, precisely.

    I would gift this class to my sister-in-law. She's had a rough year: my brother has been out of work thanks to this lousy recession for almost 2 years, her beloved Grandfather and then Grandmother passed way within 6 weeks of each other. She's the mom to a very active little boy...and just found out she's expecting again. I think it would be lovely if she could do something just for her and tap into that creative, nurturing spirit even further.

  16. I absolutely NEED to restore my soul. I'm a SAHM, I homeschool 3 fabulous kids, and have a wonderful iron working husband. My schedule during the day includes two things, make it through the morning sane, make it to wine thirty sane. Everyday is spent in complete fly by the seat of my pants disarray...
    I'm trying to find time to be more creative, to love ME, that would help me love more, be more creative. I NEED restoration!! :)
    But I think my sister needs it most of all. She's also a SAHM of 3 fabulous kids, and working through a divorce. She's an aspiring author and advocate for children with bipolar disease and other mental illnesses. She's the creator of Ask a Bipolar website, and is the most beautiful person, inside and out. I love her. I think she could really use this...more than I. Pick her instead.

  17. Today more than ever I need this program. First want to give gratitude to Melody for her generosity. My name is Karen. I am 40 years old, single with no kids. Just ended a relationship that I shouldn't have been in after being in a non-loving relationship for 15 years of my life. I struggle with loving myself. Not that I don't think I am worthy. I just don't know how to love myself and mean it when I tell myself I love you! I am going through some storms now and know this will pass. I lost my job six months ago and wake up every day worrying how I will pay all my bills for the month since unemployment is almost 50 percent of what I was making. I am just sad and trying to keep positive. Funny thing is I am the life of the party, one everyone can lean on, always wearing a smile. Today I was told I light up a room and make even a stranger feel welcome. Sad thing about it I don't see that. I feel like I stopped loving myself the first time I tried to express myself with the Red shoes and everyone made it out to be such a bad thing. Even if I don't win I have faith that the Lord will work something out so I can take the course in April and come out a new Brave Girl. I feel this class would really help me to realize and see the love that others say I am and all that I have to offer myself and not just focusing on others. I need to learn to love and cherish me before loving and cherishing anyone else in my life and I feel the course is just what I need to do that.

  18. Thank you for this opportunity. We don't have the extra cash right now to cover my enorllment but I would really love to take this course. I just feel a little lost right now. I'm 47 years old wife & mother & am at a crossroads in my life career wise, family wise & health wise & am just feeling lost in the mess of it all & a little overwhelmed. I feel like I need a life rope to grab onto right now or maybe just a cheerleader to tell me to hang on it's gonna get better. Thanks, Laura

  19. Oh I wanted so badly to take this class, but just couldn't do it. I have wanted to participate in the Brave Girls Camp, ever since I found them. In fact I have a page dedicated to them in my Dream Journal! I will someday, I know it!
    We have had quite a few years of difficulty, and yet I am hopeful. Including heart failure and transplant( my son), to a fire and loss of our home.
    What I hope to gain from this class, is a new view of me. An awakening of sorts. I know there are so many who need this, and I hope to pass on to the ones in my life an encouraging word, and be an example and an inspiration.
    Bless you for offering this chance to win.

  20. Soul Restoration are the perfect words for what I need right now. I am truly a lost soul. I think I have been all my life but even more so now. Two years ago I had a falling out with my best friend and I haven’t been able to forgive and move forward in my life because she didn’t give me the opportunity to make things right with her. I feel so much pain still because of it. A lot of the times I find myself living in the past and not in the moment…this has affected the people in my life and my whole being. I go through bouts of sadness that sometimes I feel like I just want to jump out of my skin. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I’ve had a few bad breakdowns and I say mean things to myself, like I don’t deserve love and goodness that I want to go sleep and never wake up. Of course I don’t want to die but this is how I cope and I despise that I am this way. No one taught me how to cope with my emotions when I was a child. I don’t think there was anyone there that comforted me. My mother was absent and a sister that didn’t like being around me. I had a few friends but I still felt like I didn’t fit in. It’s not much different now and I’m 40. I was just a lost child like I am now. That is why I got heartbroken when I lost my best friend. She was a sister and an inspiration. I miss her dearly. When I saw the brave camp video it totally hit home for me. It’s such a wonderful program…it’s what I need. If I could share the online course with someone it would be my best friend. I would love to attend the mother and daughter workshop. I struggle with her too and this would be a great thing to do together. Thank you for offering this opportunity. You have such an awesome soul! --V

  21. I am in this course right now and have learned so much, truly life changing! I know there is so much more I can learn to keep improving myself, so I defiantly want to take SR2. I will be saving up to register for the class coming up in June. It would be such a blessing to win my tuition for me and for my sister to take SR1 in April. I know how much she too would benefit from Melody's lessons. Thank you ve3ry much for the opportunity to win! I have been so thankful for Melody, Kathy, their wonderful workshop, and all that they are doing for brave girls everywhere!

  22. Doing SR1 right now and all I can say is that this helps me love me better. And if I love me, and take care of me, I am a better woman for my family and friends. I have more to give that way, AND I know how to give in a way that doesn't make me the world's biggest door mat. With 6 kids, a husband, living 1300 miles away from my family that I miss like CRAZY, it's been too easy to just forget myself and forget that I need to take care of myself. If I am blessed, I would share this with my soon to be 17yo daughter. She's been through some pretty grown up stuff over the past couple years, and if there is one thing I wish I could ensure she knows as she becomes a young adult it's that she is WORTH IT. Whatever it is she wants, or expects, or needs- she is SO worth it.

  23. I would love to do the soul restoration class. I am 34 and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus, and had 3surgeries in the last few years. I just recently figured out the lupus caused some scoliosis and I have degenerative disk disease in three disks. All 3 disks are herniated and leaking spinal fluid. I have had 3 outpatient surgical procedures on my back in the last 4months. I am grieving for the woman I used to be and the woman I dreamed of becoming. I have two little ones and I can not be the mother that they deserve. I am stuck at home most of the time due to the pain. I will never be the elementary school teacher i planned to be or the wife my husband deserves. Everyday I try to remind myself to be grateful for what i have. I could be a whole lot sicker. I Jacobs a wonderful supportive family. It is just hard to sit in this chair, in this house everyday and not feel like I am only watching the world go by instead of being a part of it. I just recently started art journaling and am amazed at the therapeutic benefits. I even forget about the pain for a while. I truly believe the soul restoration class would help me tremendously. With all the medical bills and stuff i just can,t afford it right now. You are such an angel to offer this giveaway. I am positive that there are so many women out there who could benefit from your generosity.

  24. so many people may need this "chance in a lifetime" more than I do. I am 78 , a widow and last year my dear son aged 50 was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, had 9 weeks of fast detieioration and died. I miss him so much, he was so good to me. he was a good husband and father of 4, and should have had so many more years of life. I am so sad, cannot get out of the doldrums. Perhaps this course would help but I cannot afford it.
    Thanks Margaret

  25. oh... goodness... i spent a half an hour writing a comment yesterday and now I don't see it... I am participating in SR 1 right now, and I am only able to do that because of another blog giveaway for that (thank you Mel, and Christy Tomlinson). Since at the moment, I'm being yelled at by the father of my child, now isn't the time to try to repost. But that's at least a prelude to why this is so important.

  26. oh, my soul needs restoring. Or maybe RE-storing is the wrong word....I feel like it has never really been Stored to begin with...I've always been my own worst enemy, and have been fighting against myself through an eating disorder for over 15 years. I've been in and out of treatment 6-7 times over the years, and my soul is tired because of the long battle. I've come to a place where I've got a slippery grasp on it, but only because I've got bigger problems that need me more....I have a 4 yr old daughter and a 3 year old son..my son is my focus right now....he is beautiful, my special little boy, and I'm fighting the battle of his life every day for him. He is currently undiagnosed, a medical mystery to all the Dr.s we've seen (and we've seen alot)..all they know is that he has a progressive disease that is causing his brain to shrink, they can't tell me what it is or why, only that he will continue to get worse over time. He is amazing, and he and his older sister are my soul, but I would love to be more whole so that I could give them more of myself, and love the self that I am giving to them.

  27. I just posted the comment about my 3 year old son, but didn't leave my name, my email is crunchy222@yahoo.com

  28. My name is Michele, and I posted the comment above about escaping from an abusive marriage with an unfaithful, porn-addicted husband. I would like to ask that if I win, my friend Amy be able to attend the class too. She is the devoted mom of two preemie boys who have had many health challenges and has had one heck of a year. She is also the one who introduced me to the Brave Girls Club. Without her, I wouldn't even be here. SHe is one of the bravest people I know. xoxo

  29. We have been so touched by all of your comments! I wish I could give the class to all of you...it will change your life!! We are reading all of your posts very carefully and will keep you posted! We love you all and you are in our prayers!!

  30. I completely agree, Ashley!! This is going to be a huge challenge. Thank you all so much for sharing your struggles and challenges with us. It is an honor to be allowed this glimpse into your lives. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Be well.
    Much love, Liz

  31. Okay... I'm going to try this again... I am participating in SR 1 right now but only because I won a giveaway for the course... it would not have been possible for me otherwise. Hurricane Katrina took everything I own-- years of art, all my journals, the home I had just purchased, my pets... and then we relocated to Northern Louisiana. The "we" being my partner and I, whom I would have left had the hurricane not embroiled us together legally for so many things. We bought a house here, me never thinking he'd never recover from the hurricane... and so six years later, I'm the only one with a job, we now have a son and I make the decision every day that this life is still worth being in. I agonozied over the decision to have a child (i'm an old first time parent) because A. children weren't part of my plan. B. it would be one more thing that tied my partner and I together... But everday I have this beautiful little boy who looks at me and says Mama... I love you and I think... I love you too, and I'm so unprepared for this-- I don't know how to make any more room in my life for anything else... I don't know how to take away anything else from me to give. More than anything, SR 1 has given me a community where I can share my thoughts, be supported, let the doubts out, and feel that my contributions are valued and valuable... here at home I am simply the paycheck (and it's not even enough). This past year, a few things happened that just put my life on hold-- my father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, my little one broke his leg, and we got a new district manager at work. All of this pretty much came at the same time in the late spring and early summer and my life as me went on hold as I swung into caretaker mode... help Dad find the resources to pay for his treatment and also to keep encouraging him to be proactive in his treatment decisions. Take care of a child in a body cast and still manage to go to work (throughout which my partner complained about having to handle the things diaper changes by himself...) And walked into this District Manager who refused to accept that we were having a corporate level problem that had not been fixed and was causing the issues we had our store. He continually put us down and made our work experience really negative. Work, by the way, being the only place where I ever have time to myself (half hour lunch). When I get home from work, my partner switches the "off" switch and leaves taking care of my son to me... but only somewhat... he's more than willing to criticize what I'm doing, but not to take over. I know that there are days I'm a rotten mother. I know that there are days I'm a rotten boss. I know that there are days I'm a rotten everything... and SR has given me a place where I can be rotten and still be loved. I need that. I would give my mother, who inspired in me the love to create a place in SR 1. She lives in a somewhat isolated area, is retired, and struggles with some physical issues that have changed the way she thought her life would be. She has made some very difficult decisions in her journey to herself and I think that the SR community would really help her be in a better place with her choices.
    I don't envy you the decision here...but Im do thank you, Liz and BiB for the opportunity to continue on this journey back to me.

  32. I just paid for soul restoration for april..excited. could not afford it but could not ...not afford it. I need to find me...again...under all this mess I have to be able to find someone, me, who mattered once

  33. I would love to win this for my sister. This past year has been one of the hardest ever for her and hard for me sit and watch. It started with the death of my mother in March and things have slowly slid downhill from there for her personally and financially. I would love for her to take some time for herself and restore her soul....for her to remember that she is truly worth it...to restore her faith that she is here for a reason. She is the only family I have and I love her so very much and would love to give her this gift so she can begin to heal her soul. Thank you for the chance to give her hope.

    (posted this on the other blog post, but think it is suppose to be here, so I am reposting it)


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