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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Share Your Story!

I can't even tell you how touched I am by all the emails, phone calls and letters that I have been receiving. Birthmoms at all stages have been so open with me and I can not tell you what an incredible blessing it has been and how much all of your experiences have touched me and helped me be a "big, tough girl". Please read the TESTIMONIES of these brave women! They are incredible at any stage! This picture is a beautiful, strong tough girl who has shared her story with me and I will be forever changed because of her! Read her testimony and you will know what I am talking about...be sure to grab the kleenex!

If you are a birth mom at ANY stage in your life and would like to share your story to help inspire the incredible women of the world please email me!


I love you all so much and am forever changed because of who you are!!!

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