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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Story

Ashley Mitchell has been on a journey to find herself throughout her entire life, maybe just maybe she has figured it out. Ashley is currently married to her saving Grace, and is absolutely in love with her beautiful daughter Tyler Ann. She is finding herself enjoying the "stay at home mom" life and is totally focused on her family and organization. Her life revolves around her family, including parents, siblings, grandmother and so many others. Her goal of "no empty chairs in heaven" has become a way of life and her Eternal Family will come no matter what the sacrifice.

Ashley's life hasn't always been the dream that is now within arms reach. She has survived more than one tragic and devastating divorce, lived with her struggles of alcohol, battles through her Bi-Polar disorder, has fought the evil temptations of the world with and without the spirit of the Lord with her, is fighting the scary battle of cervical cancer and has lived through the emotional challenge of finding herself pregnant and surviving the adoption process.

She is now a self-proclaimed "Big Tough Girl" in the face of great adversity.

Ashley has passion for adoption and for all the brave women that choose that path. She is currently writing her book and dreams to share her story with the world, in hopes of inspiring and offering comfort to those that have walked in her shoes or those that find themselves at a crossroad.

When asked to share her story that led her here, we all reached for the Kleenex:

"When I was young I used to talk with my girlfriends about what we would do if we ever found ourselves pregnant...it is amazing how different the reality is! I was 26 years old, pregnant and keeping it a secret from everyone! No one should have to carry that burden but when your fear of disappointment, shame, and hatred kicks in you don't feel like you have any other option. I do not believe in abortion, I never have and I still don't. I didn't feel though that I had any other choice when I walked into that clinic, paid my $750.00 and waited. I looked around the room and knew that I did not belong here, that it was wrong...but what other option did I have?... I learned that I did have other options. I learned that I had support, I had support from people that I didn't even know existed. I learned that I was stronger and braver than I could have ever imagined...I learned that the strength inside of me was enough to inspire and educate others. I am here to tell you that adoption was not the easy way out, that it is the road less traveled, but when I was at a crossroads, that is the direction that I took. I am here to tell you that adoption is enough to break you and change you forever. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and even if it is just through a simple inspiring basket, you can find that inner strength to keep going, to hold your head up and know that your sacrifice was an act of love and that you changed lives for eternity. That is what I found, that is what I received and that is what I am here to share. Birth moms are big tough girls, or they wouldn't be birth moms."

Follow Ashley on her blog: www.ashleyannmitch.blogspot.com

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